Manager's Report - 17 Aug 2012

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City Issues Request for Information to Carsharing Services

The goal of the City’s Transportation Management Program is to reduce single occupancy vehicle demand, with support from a menu of alternative transportation arrangements including bicycling, walking, and a variety of shared and public transportation strategies such as carsharing Currently, there is no City ordinance regarding the designation of parking spaces on public streets for carsharing purposes; in Alexandria, these vehicles are located in private garages, surface lots, and WMATA parking lots. As a result, City staff is drafting an on-street, citywide Carshare Policy, which must be approved by City Council. In the meantime, the City’s Traffic and Parking Board approved a request and recommendation from the Carlyle Community Council for designation of two on-street, metered spaces on Ballenger Avenue for carshare vehicles as a pilot program, prior to Council’s consideration of the proposed Carshare Policy. The City has issued a Request for Information to solicit carshare companies to submit an expression of interest to lease the two on-street metered spaces for a cost of $1,500 per space, per year, acknowledging that approval of the Carshare Policy might affect the terms of the contract after the expiration date of their contract.

GoGreen Hybrid Taxicabs Now Operating

GoGreen, a new taxi cab company, was approved by City Council in 2009 under the condition that all of the company’s cabs had to be obtained by drivers transferring from existing companies.  Because no drivers transferred, in December 2010 the City Manager approved 20 new taxicab authorizations to help the company get started.  GoGreen has had challenges getting established, but has recently started operations with eight cabs.  The company, which has an office in Cameron Station, is still recruiting drivers but having difficulty because of the upfront expense of purchasing a hybrid vehicle (most of the vehicles are fairly new, costing about $20,000 each).  Currently the company is using a Sprint/Nextel dispatch system, but GoGreen plans to install Mobile Knowledge dispatch equipment in the cabs and office this fall.  For more information, contact Bob Garbacz, at 703.746.4143 or

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