Manager's Report - 12 Apr 2013

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Pavement Management Assessment

The Department of Transportation & Environmental Services (T&ES) will be working with contractor Dynatest throughout April to evaluate City roadways. A van equipped with high resolution cameras, laser measuring devices, and GPS tracking systems, will be used to assign a pavement condition index (PCI) rating. This information will be used to objectively rate the quality of roads, pavement cracking, pothole repairs, utility cuts, and other conditions or defects of City roadways. Moving forward, this data will be used to prioritize resurfacing and pavement projects throughout the City, helping to develop and prioritize the annual paving and resurfacing schedules, as well as quantify for budgeting purposes the amount of road repaving which needs to be undertaken in the future. 

Witter Athletic Fields Grand Opening Scheduled for Friday, April 12

The City of Alexandria is pleased to announce the grand opening of the Witter Athletic Fields, located at 2600 Business Center Dr. The fields officially opened with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on April 12. Project resources for land acquisition and construction are a result of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Settlement Agreement Record of Decision between the City of Alexandria and the Federal Highway Administration. The project was approved by the Alexandria Planning Commission and City Council in October 2007. Following the opening, the TC Williams Varsity Softball team hosts Annandale at 6:30 p.m., weather permitting. For additional information, contact Jack Browand, Division Chief, at 703.746.5504 or

Health Department and Sheriff's Office Conduct Bioterrorism Preparation Drill

On Tuesday, April 9, the Alexandria Health Department and the Sheriff's Office collaborated in a joint exercise to dispense “medicines” to first responders in the event of a bioterrorism attack. The Health Department team provided planning, supervision and evaluation of this anthrax preparedness drill. Sheriff’s Office employees reviewed medical screening sheets (completed by fellow deputies and civilian staff) and then dispensed the appropriate amount of “medicines” based on known allergies and on ages of household members. The “medicines,” for purposes of the exercise, were fruit-flavored and chocolate candies, standing in for Doxycycline and Cipro, two common prophylaxis treatments for anthrax exposure. The two-part exercise was conducted to cover the multiple shifts of Sheriff’s Office employees. More than 150 deputies and civilians participated. The participants also completed a survey that will help the Health Department provide appropriate education and training and to evaluate comparable systems and exercises. The Health Department has been working closely with other public safety agencies (a similar drill was conducted last year with the Fire Department and a comparable drill is anticipated with the Police Department within the next year) to develop plans that ensure public safety personnel receive proper medication in case of a biological attack so they are able to continue working.

Installation of Windmill Hill Park Bulkhead Safety Fence to Begin Week of April 8

Consistent with City Council direction, the installation of the community preferred option of a nautical post and rope safety fence around the deteriorating bulkhead in Windmill Hill Park began April 8. The safety fence will remain in place until funding is available, as proposed in the FY 2014-2023 CIP Budget, for full replacement of the current bulkhead in FY 2016. For additional information, contact Jack Browand, Division Chief, at 703.746.5504 or

Sur la Table Plans to Move to Old CVS Space at 326 King Street

The Old and Historic District Board of Architectural Review will hold a public hearing on the signs for Sur la Table on Wednesday, April 17. While not publically announced by the building owner or broker, it appears that Sur la Table, which is a national kitchenware retailer, will be leasing the former first floor CVS space. As per their business model, about 20 percent of the retail space will be dedicated to a cooking classroom and teaching kitchen.

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