Manager's Report - 23 Aug 2013

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Alexandria's Pools Are Much Safer

The Alexandria Health Department's Environmental Health Division, working collaboratively with local pool management companies, has made Alexandria's public swimming venues much safer. Over the last five fiscal years, the number of pools and spas that the Alexandria Health Department has temporarily closed due to imminent public health threats has been reduced by 97 percent. In fiscal year 2008, 68 pools and spas were temporarily closed because of imminent health threats; in fiscal year 2013, there were only two. Imminent public health threats include problems such as no chlorine in the pool, no certified lifeguard on duty, or an entrapment hazard such as a missing drain cover.

Carver Nursery School Building Sold

On August 12, Alexandria resident and developer William Cromley sold the former Carver Nursery School building at 224 N. Fayette Street to VSPD Properties LLC. VSPD plans to restore and expand the building and to operate a pediatric dental practice. The Carver Nursery School was constructed in 1944 for African American children and later served as the William Thomas Post of the American Legion. The building stood vacant for several years and Mr. Cromley had received a Permit to Demolish from the City after he purchased it in 2009. The building renovation and expansion plans were approved by the Parker-Gray Board of Architectural Review on May 22, 2013. Construction is expected to begin later this fall, and to be completed by next summer.

Jones Point Park Multipurpose Fields Update

Construction fencing around two multipurpose fields at Jones Point Park has recently been taken down, making the fields open to the public. However, City staff reports these new fields are in relatively poor condition. The fields were renovated as part of the last phase of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Project, which included a redesign of Jones Point Park. The National Park Service managed and implemented the park design process for the Park and the Virginia Department of Transportation managed renovation. The two agencies continue to discuss the fields' drainage, soil quality, coverage/quality of turfgrass and overall playability. One field is located on the south side of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge and is 110x60 yards in dimension. Another field is located on the north side of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge and is 80x 40 yards in dimension. The property in its entirety is owned by the Federal Government and administered, maintained and operated by the National Park Service of the U.S. Department of Interior.

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