Manager's Report - 15 Nov 2013

Page updated on Feb 21, 2014 at 4:11 PM

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Celebrate America Recycles Day on Friday, November 15

The Department of Transportation and Environmental Services (T&ES), Solid Waste Division encourages Alexandrians to join the nation in recognizing America Recycles Day, Friday, November 15. As part of the Eco-City Alexandria initiative and the Environmental Action Plan, Alexandria continues to focus on increasing the residential and commercial rates of recycling, conserving natural resources and encouraging cost-effective waste disposal options. Alexandria’s current recycling rate is 48 percent, as recognized by the City’s Locality Recycling Rate Report for Calendar Year 2012, and reported to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality. Each week, the average Alexandria home recycles almost 20 pounds of paper, bottles, and cans. There are two new ways to participate in America Recycles Day in Alexandria: 1) Use the new recycling containers located along King Street, and 2) Visit the new Resource Recovery Stations currently located at Alexandria’s Farmers’ Markets. City staff members will be available at the Resource Recovery Stations to explain how to compost food and yard waste in your home, and to accept your household items for composting. Compost tubs will be available for purchase at $5 each. The tubs have a lid, handle, and are small enough to transport your composted materials to the Resource Recovery Stations.

What’s Next Alexandria Civic Engagement Handbook Update

City Council consideration of the draft What’s Next Alexandria Civic Engagement Handbook has been rescheduled for January 2014, so all appointed and elected officials can be present for this important public hearing and discussion.  Through a series of community conversations and online participation held from September 2012 through June 2013, the What’s Next Alexandria initiative brought together community members, City staff and officials to collaborate on how Alexandrians can best participate in the public decision-making process that shapes their City. Opportunities for engagement included community dialogues and opportunities for online participation.  Community collaboration resulted in three key elements:  1) Principles for civic engagement, 2) a standard framework for the engagement process, and 3) guidance on communications and outreach strategies.  Together, these important pieces make up Alexandria’s Civic Engagement Handbook, which will serve as a guide for future public decision-making processes in the city. The draft Handbook is posted online, along with all public comments received.  Staff is now developing an action plan for civic engagement implementation for consideration by City Council alongside the draft revised handbook.  Each of these items will be posted online at least two weeks before the public hearing.

Transportation Commission Update on Potomac Yard Metrorail

City staff members sent a memo to the members of the Transportation Commission on the Potomac Yard Metrorail Station Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The update includes background on the North Potomac Yard Small Area Plan, progress of the EIS, and Metrorail station funding sources.

Eisenhower West Small Area Plan Update

The Interdepartmental Work Program, approved by City Council on May 29, identified the Eisenhower West Small Area Plan as the major planning effort for Fiscal Year 2014. Department of Planning & Zoning staff has developed a proposed outline for the planning process anticipated to begin early in 2014 with a duration of 18 months. The process will follow the framework and strategies outlined in the What’s Next Alexandria Civic Engagement Handbook. The plan will require funds for outside technical assistance for tasks such as infrastructure and environmental analysis, market analysis, and multimodal transportation. Staff is developing a draft scope of work for the necessary studies, for which an Eisenhower West landowner group has offered to provide financial assistance. Prior to the launch of the Eisenhower West Small Area Planning effort, the Department of Transportation and Environmental Services will begin the associated Eisenhower West Transportation Study. In December, City Council will consider a resolution establishing an Eisenhower West Steering Committee.

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