Food Truck Policy Advisory Group

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Legislative Update - May 17, 2014

Alexandria City Council Approves Food Truck Pilot Program  

On May 17, Alexandria City Council voted 4-2 to approve a pilot program that will allow food trucks to operate in off-street locations on public and private property. The pilot program will begin on July 1, 2014, and run through October 31, 2015.

City Council adopted the pilot program ordinance after a community input process. While the initial draft of the ordinance would have also allowed food trucks to vend from public street parking spaces, the adopted pilot program is limited to off-street locations and permitted special events.

For details about the pilot program, read the news release here.

Legislative Update - May 14, 2014

At the May 13 meeting, City Council passed the proposed ordinance to permit food trucks on public and private property on first reading and set it for public hearing on May 17 with the following provisions:

  1. That staff bring back a revision to the ordinance that limits food truck vending to off-street locations on public or private property with the permission of the property owner; and
  2. That staff to reach out to the Food Truck Policy Advisory Work Group to see how much time is needed to finalize their report.

View the complete docket item and attachments here.


Mission Statement

The Food Truck Policy Advisory Group will review the issues related to food trucks, consider the staff’s prior draft proposal as a starting point for discussions, and make suggestions for improvements or develop an alternative proposal for the City Manager’s consideration in drafting a new proposal for Council in the fall.

Work Group Members

  • Citizen Members
    Lynn Bostain
    Yvonne Weight Callahan, Convener
    Sheena Franklin
    Lori Arrasmith Quill

  • Restaurateurs
    Mike Anderson
    Meshelle Armstrong

  • Food Truck Vendors
    Rich Arslan
    Doug Povich
  • Farmer Market Master
    Travis Hester
  • Alexandria Economic Development Partnership
    Stephanie Landrum

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