City of Alexandria Advises Residents on Cleanup Following Flash Flooding

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City of Alexandria Advises Residents on Cleanup Following Flash Flooding

For Immediate Release: July 8, 2019

Following the severe storms and flash flooding of July 8, the City of Alexandria reminds residents to exercise caution and be alert for impassable roads, power outages, home sewer backups, or other flood-related issues.

Standing Water
Although the worst of the storm has passed, there is still a significant amount of standing water on roads, trails, and sidewalks around the region. Do not drive, walk, bike or otherwise travel through standing water. Please observe all detours and barriers. Turn around, don’t drown!

City crews are currently sweeping streets and clearing curb inlets of debris that may have clogged them during the flooding. Residents removing debris from their property or homes should place it curbside for pickup during their next refuse collection.

To report a power outage call Dominion Energy at 866.366.4357. If you encounter an intersection with an inoperable traffic light, please use caution and treat it as a four-way stop.

Never attempt to turn off power at the electric panel if standing water is present. Call your building manager or electric utility to shut off power outside at the meter. Never step into a flooded room if water may be in contact with electrical outlets, appliances or cords. Never touch electric wires, switches or fuses when you are wet or standing in water.

Missing Utility Hole Covers
Please do not attempt to move utility hole covers. Report problems via Call.Click.Connect at 703.746.HELP (4357) or online.

Trash and Recycling Collection
Due to the severe weather on July 8, City trash and recycling collection was suspended midday. Collection will take place one day later than normal for the rest of the week.

Missing Trash or Recycling Containers
Once conditions are safe, residents should attempt to locate their trash or recycling containers. Please do not report missing trash or recycling containers until the morning of Wednesday, July 10. As crews are out on Tuesday to service the Monday collection routes, they will attempt to recover containers wherever possible. Because cans aren’t marked with addresses, they may not be able to return them to homeowners directly.

Sewer Backups
Cleanup of sewage backups in homes and businesses is the responsibility of the property owner. Property owners are advised to take the following actions after a sewer backup:

  1. Take photos of the damage to basement rooms and furnishings.

  2. Report the damage to your insurance company.

  3. Put damaged carpet, furniture, and other household items at the curb at your next trash collection day for free pickup by City crews if you normally receive City trash collection.

  4. Contact a commercial firm that provides cleanup following water damage, if necessary.

  5. After the rain stops, if sewage has come through a floor or plumbing drain, open the drain to allow as much water to drain out as possible; use buckets, sump pump or other means to remove as much of the contaminated water as possible.

  6. Individuals wishing to file a claim with the City should visit All claims will be investigated.

  7. For health-related questions, contact the Alexandria Health Department, Environmental Health Division, 703.838.4400, ext. 266.

Residents who experience regular backups and reside in certain flood-prone areas of Alexandria may benefit from the City’s sewer Backflow Preventer (BFP) Assistance Program for homeowners. 

For media inquiries, contact Sarah Godfrey, Public Information Officer, at or 703.746.4027.

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Note: This news release was edited on July 9, 2019, to update the contact information for individuals wishing to file a claim with the City.