City of Alexandria Provides COVID-19 Updates; Tips for Using Cloth Face Coverings; Celebrate Public Service; #TranquilityThursday

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City of Alexandria Provides COVID-19 Updates; Tips for Using Cloth Face Coverings; Celebrate Public Service; #TranquilityThursday

­­For Immediate Release: May 7, 2020

The City of Alexandria and the Alexandria Health Department (AHD) strongly urge everyone to follow state orders to STAY HOME except for essential trips such as food purchases and medical care. If you must leave your home, keep 6 feet apart from others when in public, and wear a cloth face covering if you cannot maintain physical distance. Your neighbors and loved ones are counting on you to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

New Resource: Tips for Using Cloth Face Coverings

The City and AHD have published a new resource to help the public properly use and care for cloth face coverings. This guidance echoes the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendation that everyone wear cloth face coverings in public settings where other physical distancing measures would be difficult to maintain. These covers are not a replacement for staying 6 feet away from other people and meticulous hand washing. Cloth face covers are most effective when they are correctly worn and properly cleaned and maintained. 

Individuals and businesses in the City who are making cloth face covers are encouraged to share this resource with their customers. Cloth cover makers who would like printed copies for distribution can email their request using the Cloth Face Covering Infographic Order Form.

Celebrate Public Service

Public Service Recognition Week (May 3-9) honors the people who serve our communities as federal, state and local government employees. Public service is vital to our nation, especially during times of crisis. The talented and diverse staff of the City of Alexandria and the Alexandria Health Department are proud to serve a proud community. We are dedicated to the safety, health and dignity of every person, and we are committed to doing our part to meet the incredible challenges facing our nation today. For more information, visit the Public Service Recognition Week website.

Virginia Resilience Week: #TranquilityThursday

During Resilience Week, May 3-9, the City reminds residents that building resilience can help individuals and communities bounce back from difficult experiences, like the COVID-19 crisis. Today’s focus is on Tranquility. Carving out time in your day to be still and quiet, even just for a few minutes, is one way to build your resilience. Finding silence helps to calm nerves, improve focus, concentration and awareness, increase patience, tap into creativity and more.  Explore ways you can build resilience through tranquility.

77 New COVID-19 Cases and 3 Fatalities Added in Alexandria Over Two Days

The cumulative number of COVID-19 cases in Alexandria is now 1,060, including 29 fatalities. Due to a delay in reporting by the Virginia Department of Health, the new data represents 39 cases and one fatality reported for May 5, and 38 cases and two fatalities reported for May 6. Detailed data is available through the links at It is critical for all community members, even those who don't have a diagnosed illness, to stay home except for essential trips such as brief visits to the pharmacy, doctor, or grocery store.

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