Alexandria City Council Approves Eco-City Environmental Charter

Page archived as of June 21, 2008

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  June 14, 2008     

 Alexandria City Council Approves Eco-City Environmental Charter
City Council Adopts First Eco-City Environmental Charter in the Region

The City of Alexandria approved the first Eco-City Environmental Charter in the region at a public hearing today.  The Eco-City Alexandria initiative began in the spring of 2007 when the City of Alexandria, the Department of Transportation and Environmental Services, and the Environmental Policy Commission (EPC) first partnered with Virginia Tech University’s Department of Urban Affairs and Planning.  This collaborative partnership aims to guide Alexandria towards a more sustainable environmental future.

The Eco-City Environmental Charter outlines the city’s guiding principles, vision, and overall environmental future. Public comments and feedback were solicited and incorporated into the draft Eco-City Environmental Charter, developed and approved by the Environmental Policy Commission on May 19.  

Following the unanimous approval by City Council at the public hearing today, the Environmental Policy Commission, Virginia Tech, and City staff will begin to draft an Environmental Action Plan, which will include concrete environmental actions the City will carry out over the next 10 to 20 years.

“This Eco-City Environmental Charter represents a big step towards our goal of becoming one of the most environmentally-friendly cities in the country,” said Mayor William D. Euille. “We look forward to beginning work on our Environmental Action Plan to create a more sustainable future.”
For more information about the Eco-City Alexandria initiative, please contact Khoa Tran or Kathleen Leonard at 703.838.4334 or e-mail