City Announces Changes to Mowing Schedule of City’s Stream Valleys

Page archived as of August 15, 2008

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  July 22, 2008     

City Announces Changes to Mowing Schedule of City’s Stream Valleys

The City’s Park Maintenance Operations have initiated a 30-day mowing cycle for stream valley parks located in Alexandria. This action is part of the expenditure reductions that were approved by City Council as part of the Fiscal Year 2009 budget reductions for the Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities. In addition to the operational budget savings that this provides, the reduction in mowing will help reduce the amount of hydrocarbon emissions during the mowing season and support Alexandria's Eco-City Initiative.

The areas under this new mowing cycle are the Holmes Run, Four Mile Run, Brookvalley, Tarleton, and Eisenhower stream valleys. The City’s open space parks, athletic fields, right of ways, City alleys, and walking and biking trails will continue to receive regular mowing.

The City’s mowing schedule is as follows: 

  • Mowed every 7 to 10 days: Athletic fields, large parks, and high-use parks, such as Simpson and Four-Mile Run Athletic Fields; Ben Brenman and Fort Ward Parks; waterfront parks, schools, and libraries.
  • Mowed every 10 to 14 days: Neighborhood parks, bike trails, street medians, right of ways, and small parks, such as Ewald, Minnie Howard, and 48 South Early Street.
  • Mowed every 21 to 30 days: Stream valley park areas, City alleys, and code enforcement cases.

The frequency of mowing may vary due to weather or other factors; for example, if there is a lack of rain, there may be less mowing since vegetation does not grow as quickly during dry conditions.

For additional information, please call the Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities at 703.838.4343.