Buy Alexandria, Our Dollars Count!

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 24, 2008

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Buy Alexandria, Our Dollars Count!

City of Alexandria, Virginia Mayor William D. Euille invites the Alexandria community to participate in Buy Alexandria, Our Dollars Count, an educational and marketing campaign encouraging the Alexandria community to buy in Alexandria in an effort to strengthen the economic vitality of the City. The City of Alexandria faces a challenging economic environment similar to the unprecedented fiscal decline impacting the entire country. To thrive during these difficult times, City residents can help the local economy by buying in Alexandria, because their dollars count.

Participating in Buy Alexandria, Our Dollars Count is easy: simply shop, dine, entertain, and buy essentials in Alexandria. “Support local business by doing your holiday shopping, going out to dinner and buying the basics right here in Alexandria,” said Mayor Euille. “Your purchases, from big-ticket items to everyday necessities, directly benefit the City’s tax base.” For example, if each household spent the national average on holiday gifts ($612) in Alexandria, the tax revenue would generate enough money to pay for five police officers or cover the average City snow plowing costs for one snow event.

Local companies can help as well. Business owners are also encouraged to take advantage of local opportunities whenever possible to purchase equipment and supplies in Alexandria.

Buying where you live and work is also good for the environment. You can reduce your carbon footprint by using mass transit, driving shorter distances, and walking to make your purchases in Alexandria. Everyone can help in many ways by keeping their dollars in Alexandria.

“As we navigate an uncertain financial future, it is critical to support our local businesses and government with our business,” said Mayor Euille. “Buying in Alexandria and spending our dollars here will strengthen our economy, and help sustain the excellent services Alexandrians are accustomed to receiving.  Remember: when you spend here, everyone benefits.”