DASH to Increase Off-Peak and Weekend Fares

Page archived as of January 9, 2009

 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 22, 2008

DASH to Increase Off-Peak and Weekend Fares 

The Alexandria Transit Company (ATC) Board of Directors approved a plan in November that addresses how ATC, which operates the DASH bus system, will meet the reduction in City transit subsidies due to declining tax revenue and current Citywide financial challenges.

The plan, which goes into effect January 4, 2009, includes:

  • A 25-cent increase in the off-peak and weekend fare to match the current peak fare of $1.25.
  • Postponement of fiscal year 2009 service frequency improvements on the mid-day AT10 route.

The remaining subsidy reduction will be made up through the implementation of the Metro two-way transfer for bus and rail, also set to go into effect on January 4:

  • The new rail-to-bus discount will be 50 cents off the DASH base fare, with a new bus-to-rail discount of 50 cents. Both discounts are only available when using a SmarTrip card.
  • The rail-to-bus transfer charge on DASH will be 75 cents with a SmarTrip card.

These changes will defer the need to reduce or eliminate any current DASH routes at this time.

For more information, call Anne Janeski at 703-370-3274, ext. 614, visit www.dashbus.com, or e-mail dashbus@alexandriava.gov.