2011 Business License Renewal Applications Mailed

Page archived as of November 18, 2015

News Highlights:

  • 2011 Business License Renewal Applications have been mailed to all City businesses.
  • The renewal application and business license tax payment are due by March 1, 2011.
  • Last year’s implementation of a new business tax system created some changes in the application.
  • The City has expanded the payment options for Business License Taxes.

More Information: 

The City of Alexandria has mailed 2011 Business License Renewal Applications to all businesses registered with the City. The renewal application must be submitted and the business license tax paid by March 1, 2011. Any business that does not receive a 2011 renewal application by February 1 should contact Business Tax at businesstax@alexandriava.gov or call 703.746.3903. Taxpayers who have had a change of address and have not previously reported this change to the City should contact Business Tax so that an application can be provided for them prior to the due date.

In 2010, the City implemented a new business tax system.  This new tax system consolidated tax information and the administration of business license and business personal property taxes. The administration of miscellaneous business taxes will be incorporated into the system this year.  The implementation of this system affected the business license renewal application and the business license process.

The following changes affect businesses currently registered with the City:

• Each business was issued a new account number or numbers for business license and business personal property taxes. The renewal application and all future assessments, billings, returns and correspondence will reflect the new account number or numbers.  This number should be used in all correspondence and discussions regarding business accounts. 
• Businesses wishing to be included on the e-mail list for business tax announcements may provide their e-mail addresses on the 2011 business license renewal application.
• All registered partnerships are required to obtain a federal identification number in order to be licensed.
• Any business requesting a tax refund must submit a completed W-9 form. 

In addition to implementing the new business tax system, the City created two new free payment options for City businesses in 2010.  Both business license and business personal property taxes may now be paid via eCheck (electronic check) online or in cash at Global Express Payment Centers throughout Northern Virginia.  Paying online or at Global Express Payment Centers does not change the filing requirements for the annual business license renewal application, which must be received or postmarked by the due date. Information on these and other payment methods is located at www.alexandriava.gov/payments. The business license renewal application may not be filed electronically at this time. 

For questions or concerns about payment methods, please e-mail payments@alexandriava.gov or or call 703.746.3902.  For questions or concerns about business taxes, please visit www.alexandriava.gov/businesstax, e-mail businesstax@alexandriava.gov or call 703.746.3903. 

Si necesita ayuda en Español, por favor llame al 703.746.3907