Waterfront Small Area Plan Released for Public Review and Comment

Page archived as of November 18, 2015

 Waterfront Small Area Plan Released for Public Review and Comment

The City of Alexandria's Department of Planning and Zoning has released the draft Waterfront Small Area Plan for public review and comment. The Plan is available on the City's website at alexandriava.gov/Waterfront.   In addition to the online copy, a hard copy will be available at Alexandria Public Libraries on Wednesday, March 2.   
Community participation in this process has been extensive.   Community input, along with technical assistance from City staff, consultants, the art and history communities, and others--over nearly a two-year period--have resulted in a document designed to transition the City's waterfront into a 21st Century, sustainable resource from which residents and visitors can derive great enjoyment, pleasure, and utility.    
The Department is now inviting the public to continue its participation by reviewing the Plan  and providing comments via an online comment board or by contacting the Department of Planning and Zoning directly through information on the website at alexandriava.gov/Waterfront.  Your comments will be taken into consideration for the staff's final recommendations.  The Planning Commission and the City Council will hold public hearings on the Plan, with their dates and times to be confirmed on the website.  
Also prior to the above mentioned public hearings, at the request of City Council and the community, the Department of Planning and Zoning will post:

(1)   additional design options for the restaurant proposed for Waterfront Park;
(2)   additional information and re-analysis on phasing and costs/revenues; and
(3)   a hotel use analysis.   

Simultaneous with release of this draft Plan, the website includes an updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document. The FAQs document was originally provided at the December 13, 2010 Waterfront Open House and Community Meeting, but has been updated to further address common questions shared  by stakeholders.  You will also find an updated Parking Summary Sheet. Moreover, notations in the draft Plan indicate that the earlier cost/revenue data has been removed as it is being re-analyzed.  While it is believed that the economic results of this Waterfront Plan are positive, a recheck of the cost and revenue details appear to be warranted.