City Manager Requests Planning Commission Initiate and Consider Waterfront Zoning Text Amendment

Page archived as of November 19, 2015

On Friday, February 15, Mayor William D. Euille, City Manager Rashad M. Young, and City Attorney James L. Banks held a news conference to announce new information regarding the Waterfront Small Area Plan.

In January 2012, the Alexandria City Council approved the Plan. Since its approval, the Plan has been unsuccessfully challenged in court, and found to be valid. However, the zoning changes that are necessary to implement the Plan are currently being litigated, preventing the full realization of the Plan. In addition, City staff have been at work designing public improvements called for by the Plan, but these improvements cannot fully become a reality without the private development that is also envisioned by the Plan.

On Tuesday, February 12, during an Executive Session, the Alexandria City Council provided guidance to City Manager Rashad M. Young indicating that he should request the Planning Commission initiate a text amendment to implement zoning of the Waterfront Small Area Plan. This process will culminate in a public hearing and vote by both the Planning Commission and City Council (on Tuesday, March 5 and Saturday, March 16, respectively).

City Council is taking this action to provide an opportunity for the City to move forward beyond the litigation; help create zoning standards for private development that will fund the public amenities in the Plan; and ensure that implementation advances in a comprehensive way, not project by project. Additionally, by taking this action City Council wishes to affirm its approval of, and commitment to, implementation of the Plan.

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