About the Office of Performance Analytics

The Office of Performance Analytics (OPA) helps the City deliver efficient and effective services by informing decisions through measurement and analysis.

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In 2012, the newly named Office of Performance Analytics (OPA) was established to support the City Government using data and process analysis to inform, and continuously improve services.  The City of Alexandria is one of almost 100 local governments that use data and analysis to improve service delivery (explore those governments here).  

OPA directly reports to the City Manager’s Office. The Office has two Performance Analysts, data and process analysis experts, and a director, the Chief Performance Officer.  The Office supports all City departments and agencies.

What we do

  • Analysis reports: OPA collaborates with departments to analyze issues, challenges, and questions through research, data and process analysis; resulting in analysis reports that include findings and recommendations that improve service delivery. View the analysis reports.
  • Performance dashboards: OPA works with departments to identify, visualize, and track indicators in order to provide insights to inform decisions and provide information to the community on how well the City’s services are performing. View the performance dashboards.
  • Data centralization and surveys: In order to have data for performance dashboards and analysis reports, OPA centralizes data from City systems and conducts rigorous surveys. View the resident survey. 

How we do it


Measure Services
OPA partners with departments to measure service delivery by creating, collecting data for, and tracking indicators in performance dashboards.  This enables the City to know how services are doing so that we can identify successes and challenges. Performance dashboards are also shared with the community, so the public knows how well their services are being delivered. 

Analyze Questions
As the City delivers services questions and challenges come-up. To help, OPA collaborates with departments to dig-deep into questions by conducting research and analyzing data and processes. By doing this, we can determine what’s working, what’s not, and propose effective solutions to solve problems and improve service delivery.  

Inform Decisions
Measures and analysis provide decision makers with insights, findings, and recommendations focused on understanding and improving service delivery. By having this information, City leaders can make thoughtful, well-informed decisions; facilitating better, faster, and more efficient services delivered to Alexandria.



Performance Management Distinction image

Alexandria has been recognized by the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) Center for Performance Analytics with a Certification of Distinction in 2020. This is the second year the City has received this award, in 2019 the City earned a Certificate of Achievement.

Digital Cities

4th place (125,000-249,999 population) award winner (2019) for the Digital Cities Survey from the Center for Digital Government.  Read more about the award here.

More about us

  • Regional Government Performance Consortium - OPA is a founding member of and a member of the leadership team for Mid-Atlantic StatNet, the regional government performance consortium for VA, DC, MD, and PA.

Contact us


301 King Street, Room 3640
Alexandria, VA 22314