Office of Performance Analytics Reports

OPA collaborates with departments to analyze issues, challenges, and questions through research, data and process analysis; resulting in analysis reports that include findings and recommendations that improve service delivery.

Page updated on Nov 17, 2020 at 6:58 PM

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Alexandria Taxi Regulation Efficiency Analysis

The introduction of rideshare services has impacted the taxi industry in Alexandria. This analysis examines how the City could regulate taxis more efficiently, in order to reduce the costs it imposes on taxi companies and drivers, and to increase regulatory parity with rideshare services.  

parkingsignParking Enforcement Review

During a City Council FY 2020 budget work session, Council was informed, and expressed its concern, related to a decline in parking ticket revenue during FY 2019.  As a result, the City Manager asked OPA to conduct an analysis of parking enforcement.  With the analysis report, the City Manager transmitted a memorandum to City Council that included a summary and action plan.

VisionZero logo 225x175Vision Zero: No Deaths or Serious Injuries in Crashes

Vision Zero is a multidisciplinary, multi-national traffic safety plan that aims to achieve a transportation system with no deaths and serious injuries.  To help inform the plan, OPA analyzed historical crash data and provided actionable findings.  For more information view the  dashboard, or go to the   Vision Zero homepage.

Data Informed Stations 225x175Data-Informed Fire Stations

The City's fire station optimal location study, with support from Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and OPA, analyzed the location of current and potential fire stations. The study made no recommendation on the best option; but did find that the addition of proposed station 211 may not be needed if several existing stations were moved westward when they were renovated/replaced; thus, potentially saving the City significant capital and operating funds.