AlexStat is a continuous improvement process focused on monitoring performance and collaborative problem solving to achieve City outcomes and department goals. This is accomplished by having regular meetings between the City Manager and departments that check-in on city performance, analyze issues, collaboratively problem solve, and follow-up on results.

Page updated on Jan 5, 2017 at 1:39 PM

What is the AlexStat?

  • A tool facilitating continuous evaluation for results to help the City achieve our long term outcomes and departmental goals and strategies.
  • A collaborative analysis and discussion that helps you and the City Manager’s Office (CMO):
    • Check-in and discuss your successes, challenges, and progress achieving your goals and strategies
    • Explore and better understand your program’s performance
    • Solve problems collaboratively that are hindering your program’s performance
  • A best practice approach for helping departments and achieving citywide results