Alexandria Resident Survey

As part of the City of Alexandria's strategic, data-driven effort, the City conducts a survey of our residents. This helps the City Government know more about resident's expectations for the City Government as well as how well we are performing for our community.

Page updated on Feb 22, 2017 at 7:44 AM

Who participated in the 2016 Alexandria resident survey?

1,400 randomly-selected Alexandria residents received an invitation to complete the survey. Each of these individuals received five separate mailings from the City explaining the survey and providing an opportunity to respond by mail or online. Of the 1,400 selected residents, 357 (26%) returned a completed survey. This sample includes individuals from each of Alexandria’s 38 census tracts, and is highly reflective of Alexandria’s diverse population.

What were the results of the survey?

Results of the survey were overwhelmingly positive, with 91% of respondents indicating that Alexandria is an “excellent” or “good” place to live. 83% of respondents indicated that they have a positive view of Alexandria’s quality of life, and 87% rated the City’s overall image positively. Detailed survey results are included below, in the “2016 Resident Survey Final Report.”

To read the full report click here:  2016 Resident Survey Final Report

How will results of the survey be used?

The results of the survey will provide meaningful context for the revision of the Alexandria City Strategic Plan and other strategic efforts, including the City’s AlexStat performance management program.