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What is APEX?
APEX stands for Alexandria Permit and Planning portal and is part of our new land management software system that allows applications, payments, and requests to be made online.

What is eReview?
eReview is another component of the new land management software system that allows you and staff to submit and return permit and plan comments, see review status updates and more. eReview can be accessed through your Permit or Plan Details page for each submittal on APEX or via the link provided in your submittal confirmation email. 

What’s the difference between APEX and eReview?
APEX is a web portal through which you can do the following:

  • Apply for plans and permits
  • Schedule inspections and pay fees
  • View all active plans and permits throughout the city
  • View active code cases
  • Access information without having to register or sign in

eReview is a separate program / portal where the applicant and city staff can exchange document submittals and comments. This portal is only visible to you as the applicant, and you must be logged in to view your active cases and associated information. 

How do I register in APEX?
Registration is very straightforward. Once on the APEX website, go to Sign Up and you will be walked through the steps. For more information, see our How to Register in APEX tutorial document.

Why can't I find my address when I search for it?
Make sure you only put in the street number and street name when searching for the address. Do not include the suffix when searching for your address (i.e. exclude Drive, Parkway, Road, etc.).  Also, make sure you click the magnifying glass to conduct the search.

How will I know what plans to upload for review?
You will receive an email with instructions after submitting your application.

How do I know when I need to make a payment?
You will receive an email when your invoice has been created and is ready for payment.

Why can’t I add the owner / co-applicant / etc. as another contact in APEX?
To add a contact to your application, the individual will first need to register in APEX. Once they have registered, you will be able to search and add them as a contact.

How do I pay my fees?
Fees can be paid online or in person. If you are paying with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover), you can navigate to your invoices directly on the APEX dashboard. If you would like to pay by check, you can print your invoice and mail it in with your check or you could visit our office at 301 King Street, Suite 4200 (City Hall) Alexandria, Virginia 22314. Please note that Cash payments are NOT accepted. You may experience extended wait times for the first few weeks when paying in person.

I’m the owner / co-applicant / etc. Why can’t I see any invoices for my submittals?
The original applicant (whoever is logged in when applying) will automatically be assigned as the billing contact. If you need to change the billing contact, please let us know and we can change it for you.

Can I use any web browser with APEX and eReview?
The recommended web browser for both APEX and eReview is Internet Explorer. The Silverlight plugin will also be needed to upload files into the eReview program.

How will I know if the permit I am applying for is within the city limits, outside?
Zoning and city limit information is available through our interactive map. Once you’ve submitted in APEX, zoning will populate on your application in the District field of the permit details section.

APEX says my account has been locked out because I entered the wrong password.  What do I do?
Wait three minutes and try again. As long as you remember your password and are entering it correctly, it will let you in after it resets. If you need to reset your password, click the Forgot Password link and you will receive an email to reset your password.  

How do I know what staff member is conducting my plan review?
Once inside eReview, navigate to the Review Details page for that particular case. Go to the review version you are inquiring about (i.e., Plan Review v.1, Plan Review v.2, etc.), and a list of review departments and staff reviewers will appear to the right. You can also view the status of that department’s review, the anticipated return date for comments and more.

How do I know that the plans I uploaded to eReview were received?
Once your submittal has been received by the system, your files will turn blue on the Case Details page in eReview. Once the plans have been routed to staff, a new review version (i.e., Plan Review v.1, Plan Review v.2, etc.) will appear under Review Details, where you can also see the reviewers and due dates.

How do I add additional contacts to my permit or plan?
Please refer to our tutorial document for How to Add Additional Contacts to an Existing Permit. The instructions are the same as for a plan submittal, only there is a "plan number" instead of a "permit number" and the selection of contact types you can add will vary.

When I'm trying to apply in APEX, it says the address was not located.
Please only enter the street number and street name. For example, 211 N. Van Dorn St. should be entered as 211 Van Dorn.

Why can’t I see my permit in APEX?
To view your permit, you must have an active APEX account. To access more functions or see information you will need to be a contact on APEX account.

I can see I have a fee to pay, but the system won’t let me add it to my cart.
Please make sure after you log into APEX that you click on dashboard and scroll down to the bottom right-hand section that says invoices. Click add to cart if it shows fees due.

How do I see the reason my inspection failed in APEX?

  • Click on the permit from your active bucket.
  • Click on it again to open the details page.
  • Click inspections in the bottom row of tabs to find the one that did not pass.
  • Click the checklist tab and you will see the reason.

I can’t call or schedule my inspection in APEX; it says the permit is not attached or can’t process due to business prerequisites.
This is typically caused by attempting to schedule an appointment when other prerequisites are required and must be completed before an inspection can be scheduled. Please call us at 703.746.4200 to confirm.

I can’t see the invoice to pay it in APEX.
There a few reasons this can happen:

  • You are not listed as a billing contact on the permit. 
  • The permit fee has not been completed and invoiced. 

How do I upload a document / revision after I have submitted my application?
To upload from your APEX dashboard:

  • Open the permit.
  • Scroll down until you see the attachments tab and click on it.
  • Click browse to find the scanned application on your computer.
  • Click upload.

The foundation repair we completed is final. How do I close out my permit?
Now that permits have gone online, you can upload the foundation letters to the permit and let us know via email when that has been done. We will then mark the permits completed. Please email us to let us know the engineer's letter has been uploaded.

How do I get my subcontractors registered to work in the City of Alexandria in APEX?

  • Open permit in the APEX Permit and Planning Portal
  • Under "Active" permits
  • Open permit
  • Click the permit number
  • This will open the permit with a row of tabs
  • Click on "contacts"
  • Add contact
  • Add contact "as" – Builder, plumbing contractor, etc.
  • Search by "last name", "Company name" or “Email"
  • Add, Save and Refresh

Building Inspections

After I send in my application, make a payment and receive an inspection, will I receive a confirmation email? 
You will receive a confirmation email with a link and instructions on how to upload your plans if your submittal requires plan review. You will receive an email once your invoice is ready to be paid. You have the ability to log into your APEX account at any time to view your inspection results. Please view our "How to View Inspection Results" document on the APEX website for more details.

Why do I have to register to get a garage sale permit? 
Since our permitting process is only digital now, all applicants must register and create an account in APEX before submitting any documentation.

My trade contractors have changed; how do I change them on my permit? 
To remove a contact from a permit, please call our Building Inspections staff. As long as all contacts have created an account in contacts, you have the ability to add additional contacts to your APEX application at any time. Navigate to the permit you would like to add contacts to, go to the Contact tab and then Add Contact. Type in the name and conduct a search to add a contact (this is why all contacts must register first).  

How do I cancel a Building Inspection through APEX?
You cannot cancel an inspection digitally through APEX. Please call the Permit Center at 703-746-4200; a Building Inspections Department staff member will assist you with your inspection cancellation.

How do I request a Certificate of Occupancy inspection?

  • For a Building Inspection, please make your request through Apex Self Service Portal
  • For a Fire Inspection, please contact the Fire Marshal's Office directly at 703.746.4444.
  • For a Planning Inspection, please make your request through Apex Self Service Portal.

Code Services

I am completing a temporary health permit application; where do I put the name of my event?
Enter the name and date of your event in the description field.

For a health permit submittal, how do I upload my Certificate of Occupancy, floor plans, certified food manager and other required documents?
At the bottom of the APEX screen, go to the "Add Attachment" button to upload these documents.


I applied for the wrong Engineering Permit in APEX. What do I do?
Contact the Project Expediter or the Development Engineer assigned to your permit. They can make an adjustment in the system for you.

How do I request Engineering Construction Inspections?
Please contact us directly at 703.746.4200.

How do I schedule my pre-construction meeting with the Engineering Department?
Once your Civil Plans and Bid Tabs have been approved by the Development Engineer assigned to your permit, our Project Expediter or Senior Construction Engineer will reach out to you to schedule this meeting. You may also contact us directly at 703.746.4200.


How do I access my revisions for my Planning Case Submittals?
Plan Revisions cannot currently be submitted in APEX.  Please visit our office on the fourth floor at 301 King Street, Suite 4200 (City Hall) Alexandria, Virginia 22314.

Is there a way to see the Case Manager for my planning submittal?
Your Case Manager’s name will be on the Plan Details page for each case, next to Assigned To.

What does Hold status mean for a Planning Case?
Holds may be issued for a variety of reasons. If your status in APEX changes to “On Hold”, navigate to the Holds tab on the case's Plan Details page for more information:

  • Associated Submittal Required: Indicates that an additional submittal, such as a plat or façade plan, will be required prior to issuing permits.
  • Incomplete Application: Indicates that the application submitted was missing crucial information.
  • Missing Attachments: Indicates that all the required documents were not submitted either with the original application in APEX or for review in eReview.
  • Outstanding Comments: Indicates that the case is unable to move forward (such as filing a plat or issuing a permit) due to outstanding comments.
  • Planning Hold: Indicates a generic hold, and may be used if a shared parking agreement is required, an associated case is also on hold, etc.
  • Unpaid Fees: Indicates fees must be paid before the case can move forward.

Please contact your case manager, listed next to Assigned To, to determine what needs to be done to remove the hold.

When will I get my planning submittal comments back?
Review times vary. Please keep tuned to the status of your permit. If the status changes to On Hold, contact your Case Manager for more details as that means that more information is needed to move ahead.

How do I know if my planning submittal was approved?
Once your plans are approved, the status in APEX and eReview will update to Approved. Additionally, you will receive an email letting you know that your approval letter is ready to be viewed in APEX by navigating to Attachments on the Plan Details page for that case. 

How do I schedule a pre-development meeting with the Planning Department?
The procedure for scheduling a pre-development meeting has not changed. Please visit the Department of Planning and Zoning Development Division at 301 King Street, Suite 2100 Alexandria, Virginia 22314 or call us at 703.746.4666.

How do I file a plat?
Once your public improvements have been completed and accepted by Engineering, please submit a final copy of the plat for review through eReview. Please name the file “Final Plat Review”. Once this has been approved for filing, please bring in three signed original copies of the plat, as well as tax certificates for all properties being platted. Fees for filing will be assessed through APEX, and the invoice can be paid just like any of the other fees. After the plat has been filed with the county, staff will notify you that your copy is ready to be picked up.