How to Apply for a Position

If this is your first time applying for a job with the City of Alexandria, you will need to create an account and select a Username and Password. Once you have created your username and password you can build your application, apply for a specific position, or check the status of an application that has been previously submitted. Your application can now be saved and used to apply for more than one position.

Page updated on Jan 5, 2017 at 1:40 PM

You must have an email address to complete your online application. If you need one, we suggest one of the numerous free email services. Although you can stop at any point during the application process, we suggest you have your employment history for the last 10 years and certification(s) information at hand.

There are three parts to the City’s application process:

  1. Job Application - it is very important that the application is complete and that any attachments are for clarification purposes only. A resume will not substitute for the data requested. Applications may be rejected if incomplete. It is important that your application reflect all relevant education, training and experience (including volunteer work) that may help you qualify for the position.
  2. Agency-wide questions - some of these are mandatory and some are voluntary, and are used for statistical purposes only.
  3. Supplemental questions - Supplemental questions are a very important first step in our application process. You are required to complete these questions so that we may initially determine your eligibility for this position. A lack of detail and explanation in the supplemental questions and in your application may mean you will be determined ineligible for further consideration in this recruitment process. 

We suggest that you print a copy of the job announcement to help you prepare your answers for any supplemental questions and to use as a reference in preparing for interviews. We also suggest that you create and save any text answers to the supplemental questions in a word processor, spell check your work, and then copy and paste them into the appropriate text box prior for submission of your application. Once you have answered the supplemental questions, click on “Save & Proceed.” If you need your answers for any reason later, you will have them saved and will not need to recreate your work.  We strongly recommend you click ‘save and continue’ frequently while completing your application in order not to lose information. 

Your application will appear for you to review and edit as needed. When you are ready, click on “Confirm and Send Application.” The “Privacy Statement and Certificate of Applicant” will appear for you to either “Accept” or “Decline.” If you “Accept” a message should appear thanking you for applying, and confirming you that your application has been received. You will also receive a confirmation via email. Please retain these confirmations as your proof of receipt.

Applications must be received by the Human Resources department no later than 5:00 pm of the close date to be considered. Some announcements have a continuous posting status and do not have close dates. For assistance you may contact us at 703.746.3780, VA Relay 711.