Employee Awards and Recognition Program

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The City Manager's Office, Human Resources Department, and each City department administer awards and recognition programs to reward exemplary workforce performance.

The City Manager's Office administers two employee awards programs. The easiest and quickest way to acknowledge the great work of a colleague is by nominating someone for the Just Say Thanks award. It is designed to recognize peers for working above and beyond expectations, and the City Manager selects a monthly winner who receives a $100 gift card. The Employees Excellence in Action award is a community-based awards program, administered by the City Manager's Office, that provides a cash reward based upon a community nominations and selection process.

Departments administer three awards programs. The Employee of the Quarter provides for a $100 cash award to an employee with outstanding performance. A Special Merit gives a cash award for employees who go above and beyond the call of duty on a special project or assignment in the department.  Earning college degrees and/or professional certifications yields 8 hours of Administrative Leave with Pay when departments celebrate education milestones. 

The Human Resources Department administers two awards programs. The Team Performance recognition provides for a $1,000 cash award (divided among team members) based on nominations to Human Resources.  The City’s Years of Service Award is an annual ceremony to recognize and appreciate five-year milestones of employees in their careers with the City of Alexandria. 

The Human Resources Department is responsible for the overall recognition program. For further information, call Vina White, 703.746.3768.



All employees, who are not currently serving their initial probationary period of employment with the City of Alexandria, are eligible for consideration. Eligibility applies regardless of rank, seniority, or part-time or full-time status. The program is not available to City Council members and their aides, other elected officials, Council appointees, Alexandria City Public School employees, temporary or seasonal employees and occasional part-time employees of the Registrar of Voters.

In order to be considered for an award, the employee must be in good standing and active on the City payroll at the time of selection.


A nomination form is available to the public on the City’s web page, and forms are also available on the Intranet for internal use.  Nominations may be sent electronically to vina.white@alexandriava.gov. Nominations sent via U.S. Mail should be sent to: 

Vina White
City of Alexandria-Human Resources Department
301 King Street Suite 2510
Alexandria, Virginia 22314

Anyone, including members of the public may nominate an employee for consideration. However, self nominations will not be accepted.   Nominations may be accepted at any time and will be acknowledged in writing.

Nominations should include the specific reasons why the employee should be favorably considered for the award.  

All employees who are nominated will receive a letter of recognition. A copy of the letter will be placed in their personnel file and a copy will be sent to the nominated employee’s department head.

A panel of City employees will review the nominations each month and make a final recommendation to the City Manager. Nominations are accepted on a continuous basis.  The committee reserves the right to request additional information as needed to come to a recommendation. Once approved, the selection is final.


Award Presentation

Award winners will receive 8 hours of administrative leave (good for up to 12 months), and publication of their name in the Alexandria eNews and on AlexNet.

Questions about this program may be directed to the Human Resources Department at 703.746.3777