Employee Development

The City sponsors many employee-focused programs throughout the year in a variety of settings. These activities and events are designed to encourage and recognize employees’ performance, improve workplace communications, and to enhance employees’ understanding of the community, which the City serves.

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Professional Development

The City of Alexandria believes every employee should have access to training and opportunities to obtain the skills, qualifications and experience that allows them to enhance their professional growth and to perform their jobs more effectively.  The City's Professional Development Program (PDP) provides a comprehensive means for employees to pursue and achieve their professional goals.  The PDP comprises: 

  • Tuition Assistance (TA)
  • Citywide Training
  • Employee Professional Development (EPD) Program

City University Partnerships

The following academic institutions have partnered with the City of Alexandria to offer employee tuition discounts up to 30 percent, and/or academic guidance and job alignment support: