Joint City-ACPS Capital Planning Initiatives and Implementation

The City and Alexandria City Public Schools collaborate on long range capital planning relative to school facilities and community services. This page provides information on joint planning efforts and implementation.

Page updated on Jul 7, 2021 at 3:10 PM

Joint City-ACPS Facilities Master Plan 


Following the recommendations of the Ad Hoc Joint City-Schools Facility Investment Task Force, City Council and the Alexandria City School Board participated in two Visioning Sessions resulting in the development of joint guiding principles and prioritized decision criteria providing a common framework for future decision making. This framework was used by both bodies to discuss, evaluate and prioritize Task Force recommendations. One of the priorities resulting from the Visioning Sessions was the development of a Joint City-ACPS Facilities Master Plan to guide informed decision making by creating a roadmap for future investment in City and ACPS facilities based on identified existing and projected needs. This planning process is anticipated for completion in the sprint 2021.

Materials and meeting information can be found on the project webpage.

ACPS High School Project

ACPS is redefining the high school experience for future generations of Alexandrians to meet the future business needs of the D.C. metro region and address the challenges of a growing student enrollment. Learn more about the project and opportunities for community engagement.

Ad Hoc Joint City-Schools Facility Investment Task Force Implementation

Long Range Educational Facilities Plan Process

Alexandria City Public Schools - Student Generation Rates

Initiated during the Long Range Educational Facilities Plan process, ACPS and City staff regularly update a joint analysis of the number of students “generated” by different housing types in the City. Among other insights, the analysis sheds light on how many students can be expected to be living in new development projects in the City.


  • Katherine Carraway, Urban Planner, Department of Planning and Zoning, 703.746.3855
  • Erika Gulick, Director of Capital Programs, Planning & Design, Alexandria City Public Schools, 703.619.8298
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