Joint City-ACPS Facilities Master Plan

The Joint City-ACPS Facilities Master Plan will guide City and ACPS leaders in making informed decisions about planning and funding of future community facilities like schools, recreation centers and public buildings within Alexandria.

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  • The project team is continuing to refine materials in preparation for a draft document release later this fall. Updates will be posted to this page as well as communicated through eNews and ACPS notifications.

What is a Joint Facilities Master Plan and why do we need it?

In an era of scarce resources, the City and Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) must work together to find solutions that solve for multiple needs within our community. Alexandria is only 15.3 square miles. We have limited options in terms of land and must use existing public sites efficiently. Existing buildings require major investments and new recreation spaces, schools, libraries and public safety improvements are needed to maintain appropriate levels of service.  

The Joint City-ACPS Facilities Master Plan (JFMP) will deliver a long-range, integrated, citywide blueprint for public facilities to benefit Alexandria residents. It will include a framework that informs ongoing capital investment decisions, a baseline assessment of our current needs and future goals, and a roadmap to implement future investments over time. The 18-month planning process will help City and ACPS leaders work together to plan for community facility needs and services, explore co-located and shared uses, and make informed budget spending decisions so that limited resources are used efficiently.


Following the recommendations of the Ad Hoc Joint City-Schools Facility Investment Task Force, City Council and the Alexandria City School Board participated in two Visioning Sessions resulting in the development of joint guiding principles and prioritized decision criteria providing a common framework for future decision making. This framework was used by both bodies to discuss, evaluate and prioritize Task Force recommendations. One of the priorities resulting from the Visioning Sessions was the development of a Joint City-ACPS Facilities Master Plan to guide informed decision making by creating a roadmap for future investment in City and ACPS facilities based on identified existing and projected needs. 

Meetings and Events

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic emergency, there will be no in-person public meetings and all engagement will be conducted virtually through online platforms until further notice; however, the City and ACPS are committed to engaging the community and obtaining feedback on this project and are working together to facilitate the best possible process during this time. In-person community meetings will supplement the online engagement throughout this process, when these types of activities are permitted and can safely accommodate community members.

Resources and Information

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