Old & Historic Alexandria, Parker-Gray Districts and One Hundred Year Old Buildings

The Old & Historic District is the third oldest historic district in the United States (established in 1946). The Parker-Gray Historic District is a 40-block area within Alexandria. One Hundred Year Old Buildings are historic buildings which are outside of the historic districts and are designated by City Council ordinance.

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Old & Historic Alexandria District


The Old & Historic District, with its protections for historic buildings, was originally established to control development along the George Washington Memorial Parkway as it passed through Alexandria as Washington Street and to protect the city's colonial heritage. Over the years, the District's boundaries have changed. Today, the District generally runs from the southern edge of the City from Hunting Creek north to Bashford Lane and from the Potomac River on the east to near the King Street metro on the west. Additionally, the portion of George Washington Memorial Parkway within the city's boundaries and a buffer zone on either side is included within the boundaries of the Old and Historic Alexandria District. 

Parker-Gray Historic District


The Parker-Gray District is named for the Parker Gray School which opened in 1920. The school was named in commemoration of John Parker and Sarah Gray who had been principals of two segregated schools in Alexandria during the latter part of the 19th century, the Snowden School for Boys and the Hallowell School for Girls. 

One Hundred Year Old BuildingsAspinwall April 2021 

In addition to the Old and Historic Alexandria District (OHAD) and the Parker Gray District (PG), the Board of Architectural Review (BAR) also oversees the protection of designated One Hundred Year Old Buildings located outside of the locally regulated historic district boundaries. These resources have been designated as historically or architecturally significant by the City Council, and are subject to the regulations in Article 10-300 of the Zoning Ordinance.

Board of Architectural Review

On  February 12, 2019, City Council appointed a new Board of Architectural Review (BAR) to oversee both the Parker-Gray and Old & Historic Alexandria Districts, as well as designated 100 year old buildings. The Board is charged with approving a Certificate of Appropriateness for all new construction and exterior alterations for structures designated as visible from a public way. In addition, the Board must approve a Permit to Demolish for any proposed demolition of more than 25 square feet of material on a structure, regardless of the visibility from a public way.

  • Robert “Bud” Adams, appointed in 2020 as a citizen-at-large for a 3 year term (6/10/2023) 
  • Christine Sennott, appointed in 2020 as a representative of the Parker-Gray District for a 3 year term (term expires 3/11/2023)  
  • Purvi Irwin,  appointed in 2019 for a 3 year architect term (term expires 6/30/2022)    
  • J. Laurie Ossman, appointed in 2021 as a citizen-at-large for 3 year term (9/14/2024)
  • Christine Roberts, appointed in 2019 as a representative of the Old & Historic District for a 3 year term (6/30/2022)  
  • James Spencer, appointed in 2021 for a 3 year architect term (term expires 6/09/2024) 
  • John Sprinkle, appointed in 2021 as a citizen-at-large for a 3 year term (6/09/2024)


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