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  • Traditionally an area of industrial uses and vacant land, the 230 acres known as Eisenhower East is now home to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The Small Area Plan creates a vision for Eisenhower East that maximizes use of existing mass transit, reduces reliance on the automobile, coordinates design, and integrates public amenities. As a vibrant pedestrian oriented environment, this urban village will feature distinctive architecture, a healthy mix of jobs, residences, and retail, linked by a network of plazas and parks. In essence, the Plan provides for the creation of a new urban center incorporating the best attributes of the City’s historic foundations.

    An 18 month public planning and consensus building process spearheaded by the Planning Commission and Planning Department led to City Council’s unanimous adoption of the Plan in the Spring of 2003. The Plan was supported by the Coalition for Smarter Growth, the Chamber of Commerce and the Federation of Civic Associations representing 78 civic groups. The development community has responded positively with the submission of several high-quality mixed-use projects in the Eisenhower East area.
  • The South Carlyle Plaza development was awarded the  2014 Traveling Award for Analysis and Planning by the American Society of Landscape Architects, Potomac Chapter.  The award recognizes the project's ambitious program of interwoven public parkland, mixed-use development and municipal services. The project harnessed landscape strategies to cap a contaminated site and transformed an elevated parking deck into a vibrant public space that folds down to engage the civic realm through an arrangement of ramps, stairs, stormwater filtration components, and overlooks.

    This uncommon combination of program components was triggered by the simultaneous development of plans for a new mixed-use community on the northern half of the site and the expansion of the existing Alexandria ReNew municipal wastewater treatment plant onto the southern half of the site. The resulting plan created an expansive park located over wastewater treatment tanks and an above-grade parking garage creating public space that establishes vital connections in a local network of parkland and trails.

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