Development Division

The Development Division works to retain and enhance Alexandria's quality of life by ensuring that development proposals are consistent with the City's Master Plan and Zoning Ordinance; consist of the highest quality building design, urban design and site planning; and provide an overall public benefit. To meet these challenges the Division employs a rigorous and responsive development review process, ensuring that the community is kept informed and encouraged to participate.

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  • T.C. Williams Parker-Gray Stadium Improvements
    Planned improvements include updating the concession stand, restroom facilities, entry and ticket sales area, press box, and field and site lighting. Additional information about the project and community meetings held by ACPS can be found on the ACPS project websitePlanning and Zoning received a Concept 1 Plan from the applicant and provided comments on September 7. Concept 2 was subsequently received and comments were provided to the applicant on December 4. A formal application and Preliminary Plan submission will follow. Public hearings are expected sometime in Spring 2018.

  • Spring 2017 West End Development Bulletin
    The West End Bulletin is published by the Department of Planning and Zoning three times per year. Projects featured in the newsletter are west of Quaker Lane in the city's West End.

Active and Recent Development Projects and Future Development Areas


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    301 King Street, Suite 2100
    Alexandria, Virginia 22313 (map)
    Phone: 703.746.4666
    Office hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm

    All Development Staff can be reached at the above phone number:

    • Sara Brandt-Vorel, Urban Planner
    • Maya Contreras, Principal Planner
    • Bill Cook, Urban Planner
    • Stephanie Free, Urban Planner
    • Dirk Geratz, Principal Planner
    • Nathan Imm, Urban Planner 
    • Rob Kerns, Division Chief 
    • Ryan Price, Urban Planner
    • Nathan Randall, Urban Planner
    • Michael Swidrak, Urban Planner
    • Gary Wagner, Principal Planner