Neighborhood Planning

The Neighborhood Planning and Community Development division provides community-based long range planning and analysis regarding the physical development and appearance of the city; develops and implements the City's Interdepartmental Long Range Planning Work Program; manages plan implementation; and advises other agencies on land use, design, demographics, and other planning issues.

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In all of the Division's tasks, outreach is a key element of the process. NPCD staff works with residents throughout the city on an ongoing basis to create Neighborhood Plans, building consensus on a vision for the future to ensure that Plans reflect community goals and expectations. Neighborhood Plans (which together make up the City's Master Plan) serve as the fundamental framework to guide Development Review and establish the quality and public benefits expected with new development.

Interdepartmental Long Range Planning Work Program 

  • The City's Interdepartmental Long Range Planning Work Program is approved by City Council each year and reflects the City's current and future planning efforts. Visit this page for further information.

Plans in Active Implementation Phase

The process of implementing an approved plan or program may take years, and is often a collaborative process between City staff and the community. The following are plans and programs that are currently in the active implementation phase.

Public Facilities Planning

Policies/Studies Complete

The following are plans, policies and studies that have been approved or completed in recent years. Visit the Master Plan page for approved Small Area Plans (neighborhood plans) and City-wide chapters.  

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