Braddock Metro Neighborhood Plan

The Alexandria City Council approved the Braddock Metro Neighborhood Plan on March 15, 2008 and in 2009 established the Braddock Metro Neighborhood Plan Implementation Advisory Group to assist City staff in implementing the recommendations of both the Braddock Metro Neighborhood and Braddock East plans. Background information as well as current implementation efforts can be found on this page.

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For more information about the Braddock Metro Neighborhood Plan implementation process, please contact Nathan Imm, Planning and Zoning, 703.746.3845 or Katherine Carraway, Planning and Zoning, 703.746.3855.

Braddock Implementation Advisory Group and Community Meeting Materials

Please visit this page for information presented during past meetings and events.

Braddock Interim Open Space and Proposed 1-Acre Park

New 1/2 Acre Interim Public Open Space

  • BraddockInterimSpaceThe new ½ acre public open space at 600 North Henry Street (next to the Wythe Street Post Office) provides community gathering areas, seating, joggle boards, a bocce ball court, horseshoe pits and a ping pong table. These small recreational opportunities will be evaluated to determine the level of use they receive, and will inform their inclusion in the eventual 1-acre park. Equipment for these activities will be on a "bring-your-own" basis until loaner equipment can be made available for use. The plaza along Fayette Street is lighted and open until 10:00pm. The remainder of the park is open from dawn to dusk. A Bikeshare station is located along North Henry Street and bike racks are available in the plaza along Fayette Street.

    BraddockInterimSpace2The City acquired the property in 2010 as a first step toward the long term plan goal for a 1-acre park on that block, as envisioned in the Braddock Metro Neighborhood Plan. The City is actively working on solutions to achieve the full 1-acre park (see below), and in the short-term the interim open space will serve many of the community's needs for open space and passive recreation. The Interim Open Space design was developed in collaboration with the Braddock Implementation Advisory Group through an active community process.  
  • We would like to thank the following companies who donated site furniture for use in the interim open space:
    • Conceptual Site Furnishings
    • Iron Age Designs
    • Landscape Forms
    • RCLF Site Furnishings
    • Site Concepts
    We would also like to thank Virginia Roofing for their donation through the Living Landscapes Fund. 

Proposed 1-Acre Park Planning Process
Meeting materials can be found here.

  • May30ParkWalkSaturday, May 30, 2015 - The BIAG held a public meeting and "walkshop" with the community and park designers, Andropogon Associates. The event provided participants with an opportunity to walk the site of the future 1-acre park and discuss Park Principles developed with the community as well as feedback already received.
  • Tuesday, September 29, 2015 - The BIAG held a public meeting to discuss several updates to ongoing implementation efforts, including the proposed 1-acre park. Three concept design options were presented at the meeting. The community was given the opportunity to provide feedback on these options remotely by visiting AlexEngage from October 1st - 30th. Comments received informed the development of a preferred alternative concept, which was presented to the community at the January 28, 2016 BIAG meeting. 
  •  Thursday, January 28, 2016 - The BIAG held a public meeting to discuss ongoing implementation efforts, including the design of the future Braddock Park. Andropogon presented a refined concept plan following BIAG and community input since September 2015.
  • Thursday, April 14, 2016 - The final draft concept plan for the future park was presented to the BIAG and community. The park plan will be presented for approval at a public hearing of the Park & Recreation Commission in June.
  • Thursday, July 21, 2016 - During its public hearing on July 21, the Park and Recreation Commission approved the concept plan for the future 1-acre Braddock Park. Detailed information can be found here.

Braddock Park Guiding Principles
In 2013, community members and the Braddock IAG worked together to create principles to guide planning and construction of the future park on the Wythe Street Post Office block.  View the Braddock Park Guiding Principles. 


  • The framework and recommendations in the Braddock Metro Neighborhood Plan (March 2008) are based on seven guiding principles:
    1. Create a sense of place/neighborhood identity, vitality and diversity.
    2. Provide walkable neighborhoods that are secure and feel safe.
    3. Establish a variety of community serving, usable open spaces.
    4. Encourage community-serving retail and services.
    5. Promote mixed-income housing and follow an open, fair and inclusive process to de-concentrate public housing.
    6. Manage multi-modal transportation, parking and road infrastructure.
    7. Achieve varying and transitional heights and scales.
  • The  Braddock East Master Plan, approved by City Council on October 18, 2008, expands upon the fifth principle listed above -  to promote mixed income communities through the redevelopment of the existing public housing sites within the Braddock East planning area.
  • On February 2, 2009, City Council established the Braddock Metro Neighborhood Plan Implementation Advisory Group (BIAG) to assist City staff in implementing the recommendations of both the Braddock Metro Neighborhood and Braddock East plans.
  • On June 9, 2009, City Council adopted the establishment of the Braddock Open Space and the Braddock Community Amenities Fund Accounts and approved a formula for developer contributions. A link to City Council's action docket is available by clicking  here.
  • Braddock Implementation Advisory Group Membership Changes
    • On November 11, 2014, the City Council approved a recommendation to alter the membership of the Braddock IAG to include representation from a newly formed civic association - Braddock Metro Citizens' Coalition (BMCC). The expanded roster provides the group with two representatives. The BMCC will select its representatives to the Braddock IAG.
    • During the April 14, 2016 BIAG meeting, members unanimously agreed to revise their At-Large vacancy appointment process adopted by the group in 2012. The previous process included a step wherein members of the BIAG review and provide comments on applicants. The new appointment process follows a more typical City process, omitting the BIAG review.

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