Urban Design Advisory Committee

This five member committee was established by City Council in July 1994 to review development plans for compliance with the Urban Design Guidelines of Old Town North. Applications are presented to UDAC on an as-needed basis and are discussed during public meetings. The committee provides comments to applicants and staff to guide proposals and, ultimately, makes a recommendation to the Planning Commission and City Council.

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Meeting Materials

Committee meetings are held on an as-needed basis and are open to the public.

For the UDAC Meeting Archive click here.

Advisory Committee

UDAC membership consists of two residents representing the Old Town North residential community, two representatives of the Old Town North business community and one qualified professional skilled in urban design, architecture or landscape architecture. 

  • Stephen W. Kulinski, A.I.A., Chair - Old Town Business Community Representative
  • Thomas Soapes, Vice Chair - Old Town North Residential Community Representative
  • Abbey Oklak, Secretary - Urban Design, Architecture or Landscape Architecture Representative
  • Katherine Bingler  - Old Town North Residential Community Representative
  • Engin Artemel - Old Town North Business Community Representative


Contact  Michael Swidrak, Urban Planner, 703.746.3813.