Historic Resource Survey of Old and Historic Alexandria District

The City of Alexandria’s Historic Preservation Office, with the help from local volunteers, is identifying and documenting historic resources in the City’s current National Register, National Historic Landmark, and the Old and Historic Alexandria districts. This comprehensive reconnaissance survey will identify buildings, structures and sites that are architecturally and historically significant to the history and development of our community.

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What will be documented? 

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  • Buildings, structures, and sites within the Old & Historic Alexandria District.

How will it be documented?

  • Surveyors will use tablets and a custom-built web-based application to record architectural and historical data about each individual resource. In addition digital photographs of the exteriors of buildings, structures and sites will be taken from the public right-of-ways.

How will this information be used?

  • The information collected will help local, state, and federal preservation planners make more informed decisions, including those related to tax credit applications. Furthermore, the survey will help to identify buildings and places that are significant to Alexandria's history.

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Who will be surveying?

  • Volunteers with backgrounds in historic preservation, architecture, architectural history, or local history and includes current and past residents of Alexandria as well as the City of Alexandria preservation planning staff.




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 We want to know what you know about your home and historically significant places in your neighborhood. Please contact us to get involved!

Email: mailto: preservation@alexandriava.gov
Phone: 703.746.3833