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Page updated on Dec 17, 2015 at 10:17 AM

City of Alexandria Partners with Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority:
Planning for Alexandria’s Future Housing Needs

The City of Alexandria is partnering with the Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority (ARHA) in its community engagement process for ARHA's Request for Proposal (RFP#14-02). ARHA has initiated a process to redevelop five sites in its portfolio based on its ARHA 2012-2022 Strategic Plan. The five sites are Andrew Adkins, ARHA Administrative Building, Samuel Madden, Hopkins-Tancil Courts, and Cameron Valley. Replacement of the existing residences will be executed at a one-for-one ratio as stated in City Council Resolution 830

RFP #14-02 was issued by ARHA in January 2014. A series of steps in the process have culminated in a short-list of qualified developers who will compete to redevelop the sites. ARHA will select one proposal per site from the short-listed respondents. An Evaluation Committee selected by ARHA will evaluate all proposals and select the most responsive and responsible proposal that promotes sustainable, mixed-income communities that are well integrated with the surrounding neighborhood. City staff is working with ARHA during this procurement process to host a series of community meetings to discuss the procurement process, the sites identified for redevelopment, the relevant planning documents and project timing. 

Visit the project webpage for details.

Braddock Interim Open Space - Now Open!

The new ½ acre public open space at 600 North Henry Street (next to the Wythe Street Post Office) is now open! The City acquired the property in 2010 as a first step toward the long term plan goal for a 1-acre park on that block, as envisioned in the Braddock Metro Neighborhood Plan. The City is actively working on solutions to achieve the full 1-acre park, and in the short-term the interim open space will serve many of the community’s needs for open space and passive recreation

Visit the project webpage for details.

Ad Hoc Group for Digital Signs and Portable A-Frame Signs

The City of Alexandria has established an Ad Hoc Group to review zoning regulations pertaining to Digital and Portable A-Frame Signs.

Visit the project webpage for details.

Draft FY2016 Long Range Planning Interdepartmental Work Program

This PDF shows the draft schedule for the FY2016 Long Range Planning Interdepartmental Work Program