Mount Vernon Avenue Business Area Plan, 2005

The Mount Vernon Avenue Business Area Plan, zoning changes, and an update and amendment to the Potomac West Small Area Plan were approved by City Council on March 12, 2005, with formal ordinance adoption in April 2005. This page provides background information and meeting materials associated with this planning process.

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Mt Vernon sketchBackground

Working collaboratively, staff and the Mount Vernon Avenue Business Area Plan Work Group defined a future direction for Mt. Vernon Avenue's "main street retail district," to guide change while protecting adjoining neighborhoods. The Work Group was comprised of residents, businesspeople, and community representatives from the Del Ray and Warwick Village Citizens Associations and Mt. Jefferson Civic Association, and the Potomac West Business Association (PWBA). The result of this collaborative effort is the Mt. Vernon Avenue Business Area Plan.

The Plan includes integrated strategies for land use, parking, pedestrian safety and transit enhancements, retail marketing and arts promotion, urban design/streetscape, and zoning. The strategies seek to protect the adjacent residential neighborhoods while encouraging the dynamic, mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented nature of the Avenue. An overlay zone was recommended for commercially zoned properties along the Avenue from Commonwealth Avenue to Nelson Avenue to encourage new retail uses, provide flexible parking requirements for retail uses, and to allow some uses with an administrative permit. Included in the overlay zone are a series of form based design guidelines to ensure that new and infill development protects historic buildings and is compatible with the current pattern of development along the Avenue. Two new Coordinated Development Districts (CDDs) were recommended for the Triangle Sites (CDD #13), the 11 parcels located on the east side of the Avenue across from the Calvert Apartments, and for the Giant and CVS properties (CDD #14) located in the 400 block of Monroe Avenue. For more information about the Plan, zoning or Potomac West Small Area Plan, please refer to the links below.

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