Landmark Mall Previous Approval

The City of Alexandria approved plans for redevelopment in 2015 submitted by the Howard Hughes Corporation, which owns most of the Landmark Mall site. This approval is now expired.

Page archived as of September 6, 2018

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In Fall 2012, the Howard Hughes Corporation (HHC) approached the City with a phased redevelopment proposal. HHC had gained ownership of the central portion of the Mall, but the Macy’s and Sears buildings were owned by those respective companies and, at that time, the ownerships were disinclined to participate in redevelopment. Staff and HHC worked to design a mixed-use proposal that met many of the goals of the 2009 Landmark-Van Dorn Corridor Plan, while leaving the anchor stores unaffected. These plans were approved in June 2013, with a subsequent approval in June 2015 for additional residential units and flex space

Since 2015, national trends toward online retailing and the subsequent decline of many retail stores caused HHC to rethink its redevelopment strategy. In 2016, HHC negotiated with Macy’s to acquire their store and adjacent parking (approximately 11 acres).  The Macy’s store and the Landmark Mall are now both owned by HHC and have been closed. Concurrently, Sears created a separate entity, “Seritage”, whose mission is to focus on 258 specific sites including, but not limited to, selling those sites for redevelopment. HCC is in discussion with Seritage about incorporating the approximately 18- acre Sears site into an overall redevelopment plan.

HHC has approached Seritage to discuss the possibility of incorporating the Sears site into the redevelopment plan, so the entire 51-acre Landmark Mall site could be improved together. HHC and City staff agrees that a single, site-wide plan will produce a better long-term real estate development than a partial redevelopment, and will better reflect the City's 2009 Landmark-Van Dorn Corridor Plan. This will also allow for a comprehensive transportation plan, and more cost-effective use of resources. A redeveloped Landmark Mall site should be the "town center" for West Alexandria for decades to come, and it is important to pursue high quality redevelopment plans. The City will continue to work with HHC to bring the project forward as soon as possible, given the market changes and ongoing ownership discussions.

In the interim, HHC has been in discussions with the non-profit Carpenter’s Shelter organization to provide housing on a short-term basis in the former Macy’s store while a new permanent shelter is being constructed on the existing facility’s site in the Braddock neighborhood of Old Town. Construction for the new Carpenter’s Shelter site is anticipated to last 18-24 months. To ensure that this interim use will not affect redevelopment of the Mall, an expiration date for the interim use has been set for March 1, 2021. It is anticipated by the City that HHC will be ready to begin the entire Landmark Mall redevelopment planning process during the first half of 2018.


The current proposal submitted by The Howard Hughes Corporation calls for demolition of the two-story central area of the mall and replacement of this portion with a mixed-use residential and retail complex with a traditional street grid, sidewalks, trees, and open space. This application calls for approximately 250,000 to 300,000 square feet of retail and restaurants, along with approximately 350 to 400 apartments.

The Howard Hughes Corporation has been exploring the feasibility of a redevelopment of Landmark Mall for a possible mixed-use project that would include retail, restaurants and a residential component. There have been conversations with City staff to ensure any proposed redevelopment will be consistent with the 2008 Landmark/Van Dorn Corridor Plan. The Howard Hughes Corporation has submitted a formal application to begin a regulatory review.

The Howard Hughes Corporation owns, manages and develops commercial, residential and mixed-use real estate throughout the country. The company owns a number of significant and successful retail properties, including South Street Seaport (Manhattan, NY), various properties in Columbia Town Center (Columbia, MD), Riverwalk Marketplace (New Orleans, LA), Rio West Mall (Gallup, NM), Cottonwood Square (Holladay, UT), Park West (Peoria, AZ) and Ward Centers (Honolulu, HI).

  • Review the proposed redevelopment plans 

  • Activity 2013-2016

    • The New Landmark Webpage
      The Howard Hughes Corporation has launched a new webpage ( ), which provides updated information on the Landmark Mall Redevelopment, as well as an opportunity for the community to sign up to stay informed about future news and updates.
    • Final Site Plan Update October 2015
      Landmark Mall's redevelopment has been a priority for the City and has been approved by the City Council. The project is in the Final Site Plan process, which involves completing architecture and engineering details.  The City has made it a priority to respond quickly with our reviews of the applicant’s final site plan and is awaiting revisions from the applicant.  Staff will provide further updates as soon as additional information is available.  
    • Site Plan Amendment Approved June 2015
      The City Council approved the Site Plan Amendment submitted by the Howard Hughes Corporation to increase the residential and commercial floor areas by approximately 54,000 square feet.  The additional floor area approved with this amendment will be used for residential amenity areas and additional retail space.  The residential unit count will remain unchanged from the approved 370-400 unit range. View staff report here.
    • Site Plan Amendment docketed for June 2015 hearings 
      The Site Plan Amendment submitted by the Howard Hughes Corporation to increase the residential and commercial floor area of the development is now scheduled for the upcoming June 2nd Planning Commission hearing, and the June 13th City Council hearing.  
    • Applicant defers Site Plan Amendment from April 2015 hearings
      The Howard Hughes Corporation has deferred their requested Site Plan Amendment from the April 2015 Planning Commission and City Council dockets.  The proposed amendment would increase the residential and commercial floor area of the development.  The applicant is preparing to re-docket the amendment for Planning Commission and City Council consideration soon.  
    • Site Plan Amendment docketed for April 2015 hearings 
      The Site Plan Amendment submitted by the Howard Hughes Corporation to increase the residential and commercial floor area of the development is now scheduled for the upcoming April 7th Planning Commission hearing, and the April 18th City Council hearing.
    • Site Plan Amendment February 2015
      The Howard Hughes Corporation submitted an amendment to their approved Development Site Plan (DSUP) to increase the amount of residential and commercial floor area on the Landmark Mall site.  While the floor area would increase with this amendment, the residential unit count remains capped at 400 units per the approved plan.  The application is currently under review by City Staff, and additional information will be provided as the review progresses.  
    • Final Site Plan Update June 2014
      Landmark Mall was approved last summer for the redevelopment of the central portion of the mall.  Sears, Macy's and the outlying building will remain on site.  Howard Hughes has been working on coordination with the other property owners and are currently marketing their proposal to potential retailers.  They have submitted their final site plan for City Review. 

      The drawings below, dated May 7, are some very early concepts of what they envision for the residential component.  These drawings are "a work in progress" and still need more refinement and integration of design with the retail base.  As they secure more of their retail tenants, they will get a better sense of the retail's final appearance.  They are currently doing interior layouts and volumetric studies, after which their architects will know how best to incorporate the two uses into the architectural design.  The process right now is fluid and will be so for a while, however, the City wanted to show the public that the project is moving forward, so hence we posted these conceptual drawings.  Please also see the other links on this page showing some more conceptual drawings.

      Residential Buildings 

      Building B - view from southeast 

      Landmark Mall Residential Building B 

      Building C1 - view from southwest 

      Landmark Mall Residential Building C1 

      Building C2 - view from southeast  

      Landmark Mall Residential Building C2 

      Building D - view from southwest  

      Landmark Mall Residential Building D 

      • Howard Hughes Corporation submitted the first Final Site Plan on August 19, 2013
      • View illustrative images here.   
      • City Council approved the proposed redevelopment June 15, 2013
      • Planning Commission recommended approval of the proposal June 4, 2013 

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