Glebe Park Redevelopment, 2007

Information on the 2007 Glebe Park Redevelopment effort.

Page archived as of November 19, 2019


At the request of City Council, the Glebe Park Redevelopment Stakeholders Group was established to provide feedback and input on the Glebe Park Redevelopment Project (both the Old Dominion and West Glebe sites). In addition to regularly scheduled meetings, the Stakeholders Group shared information with the groups they represented ensuring that residents had multiple opportunities to obtain information and provide input regarding the development. The group worked on defining the Arlandria residential neighborhood for planning purposes and on the scope for a planning effort to improve the residential neighborhood.

Stakeholder Group Members List (Updated 4-17-07)

  • Arlandria Chirilagua Cooperative --- Kathleen Henry
  • Arlandria Civic Association --- Paul Cox
  • Brighton Square --- Wilma Probst-Levy
  • Kingsport Owners
  • Lennox Place at Sunnyside --- Jim Rorke
  • Northridge Citizens Association --- Bob Munson
  • Parkfairfax Condominium Assoc. --- Matthew Natale
  • Warwick Village --- Andy Duncan
  • Glebe Park resident --- Felita Cheeks
  • Alexandria Resident Council --- Gwen Menefee
  • Affordable Housing Adv. Com. --- Mike Caison
  • Alexandria Housing Action --- James Hoben
  • Tenants and Workers United --- Jon Liss

Meeting Materials