Industrial Land Use Study, 2015

Information related to the analysis of industrial land and uses in the City of Alexandria, 2015.

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With recent planning processes occurring in two of the city's industrially zoned areas, Eisenhower West and Oakville Triangle/Route 1 Corridor, and to address concerns raised by the community, City Council directed staff in 2015 to conduct an analysis of industrial land and uses within the city. Additionally, the Chamber of Commerce, in their November 2014 Legislative Agenda, recommended the City analyze light industrial and neighborhood serving uses in light of the re-planning efforts. For the purposes of this study, staff conducted an analysis of the distribution of I/Industrial zoned parcels in the city, and the types of uses currently occupying parcels within the zone. In addition, staff analyzed the predominant locations and zones that are home to light industrial and neighborhood serving uses, outside the I/Industrial zone, and assessed the current inventory of properties and uses. A number of factors such as building type, vacancy rates, and uses were examined as part of the analysis.

The draft report, attached below, also includes a zoning analysis, exploring zoning permissions in the I/Industrial and other commercial and mixed-use zones, looked at the regional context and distribution of industrial land, and explored best practices. 

City of Alexandria, Industrial Use Study (Draft) - July 2015

Zoning Analysis: The Zoning analysis examines the uses permitted within the I/Industrial zone and other commercial and mixed-use zones. 

What are 'PWR' and 'Maker' Uses?

Production, Wholesale Distribution, and Repair (PWR) and Maker Uses are referenced in the draft report and is another term for a wide range of light industrial and/or neighborhood serving production and repair uses. Traditional PWR uses include heavier industrial uses, construction, manufacturing, wholesale trade and waste management, but given changes to industry standards and technological advancements, PWR can include a wide variety of uses. Today’s industrial/light industrial base includes a range of creative and start-up "maker" businesses that include craft manufacturers, food production and distribution - including breweries and distilleries, media and communications, arts and creative uses, shared office spaces, and green industries. 

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