Oakville Triangle Frequently Asked Questions

Page updated on Jul 19, 2017 at 9:52 AM

Frequently Asked Questions

For a pdf version of these FAQs, please click here.
  • What is the planning area?
    As shown on this map, the planning area (shown in pink on the map), consists of the I/Industrial and CSL/Commercial Service Low zoned properties on the west side of Route 1 between Simpson Fields and Ruby Tucker Park. The 100-ft buffer (shown in blue on the map) indicates that there are residential and other non-commercial uses directly adjacent to the planning area that should be appropriately considered during the planning process.
  • What is the City envisioning as the end product of this planning process?
    This planning process is likely to result in a Master Plan Amendment of the existing Potomac West Small Area Plan, which covers the Oakville Triangle and Route 1 Corridor planning study area.

    Alexandria's Master Plan is made up of 18 Small Area Plans (SAPs) covering neighborhoods throughout the City, plus chapters on topics of citywide relevancy, such as Historic Preservation, Urban Design, Transportation, and Open Space. The Alexandria Master Plan was adopted by the City Council on June 13, 1992, and chapters are updated and added on an ongoing basis as needed through Master Plan Amendments. For more information about Alexandria's Master Plan, please visit this website: https://www.alexandriava.gov/planning/info/default.aspx?id=44614

    In addition to the Master Plan Amendment, which creates and overall vision for the area, property owners will have to go through a separate development review process, and receive approval by Planning Commission and City Council. For more information about the development review process, please visit the Development Division's website: https://www.alexandriava.gov/Development
  • Who owns the majority of the Oakville Triangle site?
    IndCor, an affiliate of The Blackstone Group, owns 13 acres of the Oakville Triangle site as shown in the yellow area on the ownership map on page 5 of the background packet, posted here.
  • When will Oakville Triangle redevelop?
    The Oakville Triangle and Route 1 Corridor Advisory Group is anticipated to complete its review of the study area and make recommendations to the Director of Planning and Zoning by June 2015. After that, it is anticipated that the Planning Commission and City Council will consider the project for approval in fall 2015. Once approved by City Council, the development project will need to receive final building approvals, with construction beginning potentially in fall 2016.
  • What is going to happen to the Mount Jefferson W&OD Trail?
    The trail is public open space owned by the City of Alexandria. The community planning process will develop recommendations for the park, determining whether and what type of enhancements or changes will occur.

How can I find out more and participate in this planning process?