Active Development Projects

Development projects which are currently under review by City staff can be found on this page. The information provided is not considered legal notice. For more information about any of these projects please contact Planning and Zoning staff at 703.746.4666.

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Development Projects in Review - Full List

For a full listing of development projects that are in concept or preliminary review, approved by the Planning Commission or City Council, under construction or recently built, click here.

Development Projects in Concept and Preliminary Site Plan Review

The following projects are under review and are expected to be scheduled for public hearing before the Planning Commission and City Council.  View our development review brochure, which provides a description of each review phase.  Please call Planning and Zoning at 703-746-4666 for questions on any of the following projects. 

  • 2425 Eisenhower Ave- Block 6C-Retail Pad Site
    DSP2018-0013- Concept Review
    Retail Pad Site
    Project Managers: William Cook and Nathan Imm
  • 600 N. Royal Street- Royal Street Bus Garage 
    DSP2018-0014-Concept Review 
    Industrial Business 
    Project Managers: Stephanie Free and Gary Wagner
  • 880 S. Pickett Street- Public Storage 
    DSP2018-0006-Concept Review
    Project Managers: Nathan Randall & Maya Contreras 
  • 1200 N Fayette Street- Braddock Gateway- Phase III
    DSP2018-0007- Concept Review
    Project Managers: Ryan Price & Gary Wagner
  • 3846 King Street - Farlington Presbyterian Church 
    DSUP2017-0006- Concept 3
    Request to redevelopment of the property to preserve and enhance the existing church building and construct a multifamily residential building 
    Project Mangers: Sara Brandt-Vorel and Maya Contreras
    Fact Sheet I Traffic Study 
  • 3101 Park Center Drive & 4401 Ford Avenue
    DSUP2018-0004- Completeness
    Request to rehabilitate two office buildings located at 3101 Park Center Drive & 4401 Ford Avenue and convert to residential ( multi-family) use.
    Project Managers: Sara Brandt-Vorel and Maya Contreras
    Fact Sheet
  • 1101 N. Washington Street-Old Colony Inn Redevelopment
    DSUP2017-00014-Completess Review
    Request to convert the existing hotel into 19 townhouse-style multifamily units.
    Project Managers: Michael Swidrak and Dirk Geratz
    Fact Sheet
  • 6336 Stevenson Avenue – Stevenson Residences
    DSP2015-00031- Concept Review 
    Request to construct 5 townhouses.   
    Project Managers: Michael Swidrak and Maya Contreras
    Fact Sheet

  • 301 South Alfred Street - Alfred Street Baptist Church
    DSUP2015-00029 - Preliminary Stage
    Request for an expansion and renovation of an existing church.  
    Project Managers: Dirk Geratz and Michael Swidrak

    Recently Approved Development Project
    The following projects were recently approved by the Planning Commission or City Council.  
  • 901 N. Fairfax Street – Crowne Plaza Redevelopment
    DSUP2017-00011 - Completeness 3 
    Request to convert the existing 13-story hotel into multifamily residential units and construct 41 townhouse-style multifamily units and a potential art center.  
    Project Managers: Michael Swidrak and Dirk Geratz 
    Fact Sheet

  • 3832 & 3834 Seminary Road-Karig Estates
    DSUP2017-00022- Amendment Request
    SUB2017-006- Subdivision 
    SNC2017-0001- Street Name 
    Request for an amendment to previously-approved Development Site Plan #2016-0025, with a modification to revise the location of the proposed single-family dwelling on Lot #4 and to revise conditions of approval; a request for subdivision approval to subdivide two existing lots into four new lots with dedication of land to the City for a public street and sidewalks; and a request to name a new public street.
    Project Manager: Nathan Randall & Maya Contreras
    Amended Site PlanSubdivision Plat

  • 2280 N. Beauregard Street- Church of Resurrection
    DSUP2016-00044-Preliminary Stage 
    Request to demo existing church and relocating the new church and add approx. 100 affordable residential homes.
    Project Managers: Sara Brandt-Vorel and Maya Contreras
    Site PlanTraffic Impact Study
  • 2200 Mill Road- Eisenhower Block 20
    DSUP2017-0005-Preliminary Stage
    Development of residential building and hotel
    Project Managers: Stephanie Free and Gray Wagner
    Site Plan
  • 1611 King Street - King Street Hotel
    DSUP2016-00026 - Preliminary Review
    Request to construct a 7-story hotel with retail. 
    Project Managers: Ryan Price and Dirk Geratz
    Site Plan | Staff Report 
  • 1 King Street - Interim Fitzgerald Square Park
    DSP2016-00035 - Preliminary Review
    Request to create a temporary City park. 
    Project Managers: Nathan Imm and Dirk Geratz
    Site Plan | Staff Report
  • 1100 North Fayette Street - Braddock Gateway Phase 2
    DSUP2016-00040 - Preliminary Review
    Request to construct a mixed use building with residential and retail.
    Project Managers: Ryan Price and Dirk Geratz
    Site Plan | Staff's Comments
  • 5000 Echols Avenue - St James Phase 2 Amendment
    DSUP2016-00021 and DSUP2017-00007 - Preliminary Review
    Request to construct townhouses and an amendment to separate Phases 1 and 2 into separate DSUP approvals.
    Project Managers: Maya Contreras and Nathan Randall
    Site Plan | Staff's Comments 
  • 201 Cambridge Road - Bishop Ireton High Schoo
    DSP2014-00029 - Preliminary Review (Completeness)
    Request for an expansion and renovation of an existing school. 
    Project Manager: Gary Wagner
    Site Plan
  • 2551 Main Line Boulevard - Potomac Yard LandBay H/I East
    DSUP2016-00022 - Preliminary Review (Completeness)
    Request to construct residential buildings. 
    Project Managers:  Dirk Geratz and Nathan Randall
    Site Plan
  • 3832 & 3834 Seminary Road- Karig Estates
    DSUP2016-00025-Preliminary Review (Completeness 3)
    Applicant is requesting to subdivide the site into 4 lots and to add a new street
    Project Managers: Nathan Randall & Maya Contreras
    Site Plan