Administrative Requests for Special Use Permits (May 2009 - May 2015)

Page updated on Jan 5, 2017 at 1:39 PM

In accordance with Section 11-500 of the City of Alexandria Zoning Ordinance, the Director of Planning and Zoning may administratively approve, deny or refer to Planning Commission a request for an administrative Special Use Permit for specific new uses, as well as for a change of ownership or minor amendment request for current uses. Members of the public may comment on a pending application within the noticing period for each request. The Director of Planning and Zoning will review public comments and decide on the appropriate action which may include further analysis of the application by staff, additional conditions of approval, referral to the Planning Commission, or denial of the application.

  • Administrative Special Use Permits from May 2009 - May 2015 are available here (Excel Spreadsheet)
  • Administrative Special Use Permit from June 2015 to the present are available here