Old Town North Small Area Plan Update

On June 23, 2015, the City Council approved the City's Fiscal Year 2016 Long Range Interdepartmental Work Program. Included in the Work Program is an effort to develop an update to the 1992 Old Town North Small Area Plan. This current planning process began in September 2015 with the appointment of an Advisory Group, and will extend approximately 18 months to January 2017 when Plan adoption is anticipated.

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Click to enlarge Old Town North Art Corridor Design by Greg Gersch

What's New?

All meetings and events associated with this planning process are open to the public and agendas include a public comment period. Parking, most of which is for 3 hours, for Subcommittee Meetings at the Alexandria Redevelopment & Housing Authority Meetings is available on blocks immediately surrounding the building.

Old Town North SAP Advisory Group and Meeting Materials 

On September 21, 2015, the City Manager appointed the Chair and members of the Old Town North Small Area Plan Advisory Group. The composition of the Advisory Group was previously established on June 23, 2015 under  City Council Resolution 2682.  The Advisory Group is working with a City Project Team, led by the Planning and Zoning Department and community to develop an Old Town North Small Area Plan Update.

Key Project Documents

Old Town North Small Area Plan Community Charrettes 

Old Town North Self-Guided Tours

The City offers an opportunity for self-guided tours of Old Town North. The tours provide physical exercise and also information about sample points of interest in the neighborhood. Two tours are offered. For a tour of general points of interest within the Old Town North neighborhood, you can choose a 1.9 mile or a 2.6 mile route. For a tour with a historical perspective, you can chose a 2.6 mile route highlighting important historical sites of interests. The City welcomes input from the community on the itineraries.


Contact Heba El Gawish, Urban Planner, 703.746.3851.