Old Town North Small Area Plan 2017

On June 23, 2015, the City Council approved the City's Fiscal Year 2016 Long Range Interdepartmental Work Program. Included in the Work Program is an effort to develop an update to the 1992 Old Town North Small Area Plan. This current planning process began in September 2015 with the appointment of an Advisory Group and is anticipated to conclude in June 2017.

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Click to enlarge Old Town North Art Corridor Design by Greg Gersch

What's New?

 Draft Old Town North Small Area Plan document
The Old Town North Small Area Plan planning process began in fall 2015 to establish a framework for future planning and development in the area. Beginning in fall 2016, community members had the opportunity to provide feedback on draft sections of the Plan document as well as on the Draft Urban Design Standards and Guidelines, and from April - May were able to provide comment on the complete draft. Comments received will inform the final draft document to be presented to City Council in June of this year.

Related Studies

Old Town North SAP Advisory Group and Meeting Materials 

On September 21, 2015, the City Manager appointed the Chair and members of the Old Town North Small Area Plan Advisory Group. The composition of the Advisory Group was previously established on June 23, 2015 under  City Council Resolution 2682.  The Advisory Group is working with a City Project Team, led by the Planning and Zoning Department and community to develop an Old Town North Small Area Plan Update. All meetings and events associated with this planning process are open to the public and agendas include a public comment period.

Reference Documents and Information

Old Town North Small Area Plan Community Charrettes 

  • November 2015 and June 2016 Old Town North Charrette Report
  • November 2015
    The Old Town North Small Area Plan Update Charrette (November 16-20, 2015) was an intense week-long visioning process to kick-off the Old Town North Small Area Plan Update. The Charrette was held at Canal Center in space donated by the American Real Estate Partners.  To view materials and comments from the Charrette, as well as the Charrette schedule, please use the links below. Also, for more information about how to continue to participate in the Old Town North Small Area Plan Update planning process please see the section below entitled Opportunities to Comment on the Old Town North Update. 
  • June 2016
    The City of Alexandria and the Old Town North Small Area Plan Advisory Group held a 2.5 day Mini-Charrette on June 23-25 to develop a preliminary draft illustrative design and related draft policy narratives for the Old Town North Small Area Plan Update. This effort follows: (1) the November 2015  five-day OTN Charrette that produced a draft Plan Framework with a vision, goals, ideas and concepts for the OTN SAP Update, and (2) five months of Advisory Group and subcommittee work studying and testing the ideas and concepts which were part of the Plan Framework. 


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