Eisenhower West - Landmark Van Dorn Implementation

The 2009 Landmark Van Dorn Corridor Plan and the 2015 Eisenhower West Small Area Plan both recommend establishment of an advisory group to provide guidance on implementation. Since the two plan areas overlap and share dependency on planned infrastructure, looking at the phasing and funding of both plans in concert will provide necessary coordination and efficient use of resources.

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  • Information about the Landmark Mall Re-Planning Process can be found by visiting this page

Meeting Information

Ad Hoc Eisenhower West/Landmark Van Dorn Implementation Advisory Group

On March 29, 2016 the City Council established an Ad Hoc Eisenhower West/Landmark Van Dorn Implementation Advisory Group through Resolution 2717 and amended through Resolution 2843. The mission of this group is to provide guidance to staff on the infrastructure and funding plans and related follow up studies as outlined in the Eisenhower West Small Area Plan and the Landmark Van Dorn Corridor Plan.  

Advisory Group meetings are open to the public and will be held on an as-needed basis.      

The Advisory Group consists of 15 members representing a diversity of interests in the plan areas and who have experience in areas of importance to the Plans:

  • Mindy Lyle, Chair (Planning Commission)
  • Barbara Marvin (Parks & Recreation Commission)
  • William Harris (Alexandria Housing Affordability Advisory Committee)
  • Casey Kane (Transportation Commission)
  • Bill Pugh (Environmental Policy Commission)
  • Emanuel Cohan (At-Large, Resident)
  • James Durham (At-Large, Resident)
  • Arthur Impastato (At-Large, Resident)
  • Claudette McBeth (At-Large, Resident)
  • Grace Unangst (At-Large, Resident)
  • Agnés Artemel (At Large, Business Representative)
  • Allen Brooks (At-Large, Business Representative)
  • Emmanuel Obe (At-Large, Business Representative)
  • Ken Wire (At-Large, Business Representative)
  • Joel Bernstein (West End Business Association)

Background and Resource Information


  • For questions related to development projects, contact Jared Alves, Urban Planner, 703.746.3812.
  • All other questions, contact Richard Lawrence, Principal Planner, 703.850.9324