Eisenhower West - Landmark Van Dorn Implementation

The 2009 Landmark Van Dorn Corridor Plan and the 2015 Eisenhower West Small Area Plan both recommend establishment of an advisory group to provide guidance on implementation. Since the two plan areas overlap and share dependency on planned infrastructure, looking at the phasing and funding of both plans in concert will provide necessary coordination and efficient use of resources.

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  • Information for Alternative Transportation Options and Schedules during Metrorail Platform Improvements from May 25 - September 8:
  • Information about the Landmark Mall Re-Planning Process can be found by visiting this page
  • On November 17, 2018, City Council adopted the Eisenhower West/Landmark Van Dorn Developer Contribution Policy. 

Meeting Information

Ad Hoc Eisenhower West/Landmark Van Dorn Implementation Advisory Group

On March 29, 2016 the City Council established an Ad Hoc Eisenhower West/Landmark Van Dorn Implementation Advisory Group through Resolution 2717. The mission of this group is to provide guidance to staff on the infrastructure and funding plans and related follow up studies as outlined in the Eisenhower West Small Area Plan and the Landmark Van Dorn Corridor Plan. Solicitation for Applications for the Advisory Group was open from April 11 - May 2, 2016. As specified by the Resolution, the City Manager appointed the nine at-large members through the nomination process, and the Boards and Commissions named their representatives for the remaining five slots. 

The Advisory Group will serve as the community forum for the duration of the Landmark Mall re-planning process. In order to ensure adequate representation of West End businesses and the property owners of Landmark Mall, City Council approved Resolution 2843 to temporarily amend the composition of the Advisory Group to include one slot for the West End Business Association and one temporary slot for The Howard Hughes Corporation. The temporary slot will sunset upon completion of the Landmark Mall Re-Planning process. With the additional slots, this group includes a broad cross-section of residents and business representation from the two planning areas, as well as members of City commissions. 

Advisory Group meetings will be held on an as-needed basis. All activities and meetings by the Advisory Group are open to the public.

The Advisory Group consists of sixteen members representing a diversity of interests in the plan areas, including the Landmark Mall Re-Planning process, and who have experience in areas of importance to the Plans:

  • Mindy Lyle, Chair (Planning Commission)
  • William Harris (Alexandria Housing Affordability Advisory Committee)
  • Judy Coleman (Parks & Recreation Commission)
  • Jake Jakubek (Transportation Commission)
  • Vacant (Environmental Policy Commission)
  • Uche Akobundu (At-Large, Resident)
  • Sheela Bykadi (At-Large, Resident)
  • Jim Durham (At-Large, Resident)
  • Arthur Impastato (At-Large, Resident)
  • Grace Unangst (At-Large, Resident)
  • Agnés Artemel (At Large, Business Representative)
  • Christian Randolph (At-Large, Business Representative)
  • Dak Hardwick (At-Large, Business Representative)
  • Ken Wire (At-Large, Business Representative)
  • Joel Bernstein (West End Business Association)
  • Mark Bulmash, The Howard Hughes Corporation (Temporary)

Background and Resource Information


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