North Potomac Yard SAP Update 2016-2017: At A Glance

Are you new to the planning process? See below for answers to frequently asked questions.

Page updated on May 26, 2017 at 9:29 AM
  • Where/What is North Potomac Yard?
    North Potomac Yard is located in the northeast corner of the City of Alexandria, east of Route 1, south of Four Mile Run/Arlington County, and west of the George Washington Memorial Parkway and rail corridor. It is currently occupied by the Target shopping center and Regal Potomac Yard Theater. The 69-acre site is anticipated for mixed use development over multiple phases. See planning area context map. North Potomac Yard is also called Coordinated Development District (CDD) #19 and Landbay F.

  • Isn’t there already a plan for North Potomac Yard? Why is the City updating it?
    The North Potomac Yard Small Area Plan, approved by City Council in 2010, established a vision for a mixed use, transit oriented, sustainable community. The 2010 Plan was the culmination of a community planning process that began in 2008. Late in 2015, the property owner for North Potomac Yard approached the City indicating their interest in beginning the first phase of redevelopment. The developer (JBG) has indicated that while their proposal is generally consistent with the 2010 Plan, in responding to market changes and other factors, their proposed concept may necessitate some amendments potentially related to Plan elements such as the street layout and open space. A plan update also makes sense in the context of other major planning, development and infrastructure changes in the area since 2010, including the completion of a majority of the construction in South Potomac Yard, completion of the Crystal City-Potomac Yard Bus Rapid Transitway (BRT), and the selection of a location for the Potomac Yard Metrorail Station.
  • What is the first phase of the North Potomac Yard redevelopment and when will it be built?
    Phase 1 of redevelopment will be on the 25-acre site currently occupied by the Regal Potomac Yard Movie Theater. This 25 acre site is the focus of the current Plan update process. The development concept includes retail, residential, office and hotel development focused on a central pedestrian oriented street. Page 30-58 of the May 16, 2016 presentation provides an overview of the original JBG concept proposal. This concept proposal was reviewed by the Advisory Group and community on May 16, and additional concept options (Option 1 and Option 2) were developed at the May 17, 2016 Design Workshop responding to issues raised by the Advisory Group

    Portions of Phase 1 are intended to be constructed and completed at the same time as the Potomac Yard Metro Station in 2020.

  • Who is involved in the planning process?
    City Council established a 12-member Advisory Group representative of the community to serve as the public forum for the process. Other members of the public are welcome and encouraged to attend and participate in Advisory Group meetings.  

  • What about traffic?
    The City conducted a complete transportation study as part of the original 2010 Plan process to ensure that the transportation infrastructure could accommodate the proposed development. As part of this planning process for the first phase, an updated transportation study will be prepared to take into account the revised development concept as well as new transportation conditions, and mitigate any additional impacts. In addition, the transportation study will examine potential impacts to adjoining neighborhoods and recommend appropriate traffic calming measures.


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