Eisenhower East Small Area Plan Update, 2016-2017

As approved in City Council’s FY 2017 Long Range Work Program, this planning process will evaluate and recommend updates to the 2003 Eisenhower East Small Area Plan to ensure the area’s long term success as one of the city's key economic development engines.

Page updated on Oct 30, 2017 at 9:46 AM

What's New?


The Eisenhower East Small Area Plan, approved in 2003, creates a vision for Eisenhower East that maximizes use of existing mass transit, reduces reliance on the automobile, coordinates design, and integrates public amenities. The Plan and associated Design Guidelines envision the area as a vibrant pedestrian-oriented environment, featuring distinctive architecture, a healthy mix of jobs, residences, and retail, linked by a network of plazas and parks.

Since the Plan was approved in 2003, much has been accomplished to build out the vision, including its selection for the headquarters of the National Science Foundation (NSF), future home to 2,100 employees. Anticipated to induce significant residential, hotel and retail demand and some additional office demand, NSF has already acted as a catalyst, with a number of major property owners within the Plan area indicating a desire to redevelop in the near term. The City is in the process of an update (Eisenhower East Plan Phase I Update) to the 2003 Plan, focusing on three redevelopment sites in the plan area where property owners have expressed an interest in converting the approved land use from commercial to residential and other uses. Recognizing the significant changes that have been occurring in the office and retail market, the Plan update will evaluate and recommend an appropriate update to the land use mix as well as a Retail/Amenity Strategy. The Eisenhower East Plan Phase I Update is anticipated for completion in September 2017. 



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