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This page contains information on jobs located in Alexandria, and residents’ employment characteristics.

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Some residents both live and work in Alexandria, and therefore will be included in both sections.

Employment Venn Diagram

Alexandria jobs

This section describes jobs located in Alexandria.

In 2017, there were more than 104,000 jobs in Alexandria, including residents who were self-employed. Jobs in Alexandria have hovered around 105,000 since 2009, after falling from an all-time high of about 110,000 in 2008.

Alexandria job trend

Alexandria Residents in the Workforce

This section describes Alexandria residents’ employment characteristics

Labor force participation rate

A resident is considered to be in the labor force if they are either employed or actively seeking employment. Residents may be considered out of the labor force for a number of reasons; for instance, full-time students over the age of 16 who are not working, and retired residents would both be considered out of the labor force. 

Labor Force Participation by Tract

Seventy-eight percent of Alexandria residents over the age of 16 are in the labor force, which is greater than those of Fairfax County; Washington, DC; and the United States.
 Labor Force Participation Rate ComparisonLabor Force Participation Rate Comparison

Resident Employment Rate

All areas in Alexandria have relatively high employment rates. All Census tracts have employment rates above 89 percent.

Employment Rate by Tract

95 percent of Alexandria’s labor force is employed. Alexandria’s employment rate is greater than Washington, DC and the United States.

Employment Rate Comparison