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Information on housing, households and family profiles in the City of Alexandria

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Family and household data is important to understanding the people who make up Alexandria and its neighborhoods. Households are simply defined as an occupied housing unit and may consist of a family or unrelated individuals. The Alexandria 2010 Census Data Profile is a profile of Alexandria that showcases data on income, education, housing tenancy, ancestry, commuting, disability, foreign-born population, geographic mobility, and many other characteristics that help define the household of Alexandria today. 

Average HH Size

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Studying housing data, such as that provided by the American Community Survey, which includes information on housing values, occupancy, ownership types, and age of structures, can help inform planning and housing decisions. 

In addition, the Office of Housing annually produce reports on the state of housing in Alexandria including performance reports, action plans, and other housing initiatives. Access reports generated by the Office of Housing, as well the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) here.


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The U.S. Census Bureau also provides information on family households. In general, these are people related by birth, marriage, or adoption.


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