APD Strategic Plan

Page updated on Feb 4, 2020 at 1:50 PM

The Alexandria Police Department is a progressive police department serving those who live, work and visit the City of Alexandria. The Department’s role in the community is very dynamic. Service needs vary given the diverse communities and changing demographics throughout the City. Holding ourselves to the highest standards of performance and ethics is a key part our commitment to serve the community, enhance the quality of life and nurture public trust.

The Alexandria Police Department is a nationally accredited agency through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). To ensure continued progress and to track advancements in the Department, strategic plans have been produced. The vision for the Alexandria Police Department is to continually offer the community consistent, fair and professional services, and our employees a progressive and innovative workplace. To safeguard the mission, the Department has created the following goals:

1.  Protect the life and property of those who live, visit, and work in the City:
   • Expand crime analysis operations and explore new technologies to enhance capabilities.
   • Enhance collaboration and communication between bureaus along with outside agencies, to facilitate crime detection and prevention, investigations, and data analysis. 
   • Strengthen staff proficiency by providing relevant and consistent and training and mentoring regularly throughout careers.
   • Strengthen critical incident capabilities and incident command system readiness. 

2.   Enhance public trust through community partnerships and increased transparency: 
   • Incorporate relevant 21st Century Policing recommendations throughout the Department.
   • Expand bonds and partnerships with community businesses and citizens.
   • Identify, develop and promote robust Police Departmental youth outreach programs.
   • Diversify social media content and promote media platforms that encourage interaction with our citizens.   
   • Enhance public access to police department information and data. 

3.   Identify, develop, and enhance our internal resources, facilities, and personnel:
   • Recruit applicants and maintain work forces that are reflective of the communities we serve.
   • Identify and implement technologies that will improve police response and services.
   • Implement and increase staff mentoring and leadership development programs.
   • Evaluate usage and management of facilities, work spaces and assets. 
 4.  Increase transportation management through traffic safety, education, control, and enforcement:
   • Develop and implement a Department-wide traffic plan.
   • Increase participation with local agencies and regional partners to promote and implement transportation safety programs and education initiatives.   
   • Collaborate with other agencies to analyze and develop traffic engineering solutions for problematic traffic areas.
   • Enhance transportation safety analysis capabilities.

There are two bureaus in the Police Department that are responsible for working together toward these goals.  They are the Field Operations Bureau and the Administrative Services Bureau.   They have each collaborated with staff to create a comprehensive framework for addressing current and future challenges facing the Department.  Their strategic plans contain recommendations and suggestions that have been identified through community surveys, reports related to law enforcement, community interactions nationally and locally, as well as specific to within our own Department. By combining new concepts with traditional and proven processes, based on lessons learned, we can ensure the Alexandria Police Department continues its forward progress.  Creating flexible structures helps focus our attention on the elements most important for success, while still providing the ability to quickly assess and respond to changing environments.  The specific goals and objectives outlined in each strategic plan position us to continue efforts to create a safe community, build strong partnerships, develop purposeful leaders, stay on the leading edge of emerging technologies, utilize systems already in place in the most efficient and effective manner and prepare to respond to any incident that may impact the City of Alexandria.

The plans developed by each Division targets their individuals goals that help support the Department's overarching goals above.  Each plan details action items that should be achieved over the next one to three years. The plans also interconnect and correlate with each other to ensure success, collaboration and continued focus for the Department as a whole. 

The City of Alexandria continues to grow and change. These strategic plans will play a key role to ensure the Alexandria Police Department grows along with the community we serve.