Crime Prevention Brochures

Information on how to prevent crimes from happening.

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Crime Prevention  Vehicle Safety 
Crime Prevention in the Workplace  Vehicle Security 
Crime Prevention for the Senior Community  Vehicle Theft Prevention Devices 

Jogger and Personal Safety 

Larceny From Auto 
Home Safety  Road Rules 
Burglary Prevention  AARP Driver Safety Program 
Be Safe at Home   
Locks  Neighborhood Safety 
Windows  Neighborhood Watch Code 
Doors  National Night Out 
Preventing Package Theft  Introduction - Neighborhood Watch Program 
Vacation Security  Start a Neighborhood Watch Program 
Home Security   
Securing French Doors  Teen Issues 
Home Security & Theft Prevention  How to Help a Troubled Friend 
Holiday Safety Tips  Teen Dating Violence 
Realtor Safety  The Reality of Gangs 
Realtor Safety  Date Rape 
Personnel Safety for Realtors   
  Drug and Alcohol Information 
Computer Crime Prevention and Safety  Sniffing Your Life Away 
Snoop-Proof your PC  Dying to Drink 
On-Line Auction Fraud  Marijuana 
Protecting Your Privacy  Protecting From Counterfeit Drugs 
Identity Theft  Methamphetamine 
Family Guide to Using Internet   
  Business and Workplace Safety 
Scams and Fraud  Shoplifting and Internal Theft Prevention 
Fraud & Scams  Violence in the Workplace 
Avoid Investment Fraud  Take Crime Prevention to Work 
Senior Safety  Business Security - Burglary 
Telephone Fraud  Business Emergency Contact Card 
Charitable Giving Done Wisely  Business Security - Robbery 
Nigerian Letter Scam  Shoplifting 
Don't Be Scammed   
Preventing Charity Fraud  Youth Information 
Con Games, Frauds & Sweepstakes  Operation Identification 
  Youth Academy Application 
General Information  Youth Academy Liability Release Form 
Other Topics  Bicycle Safety 
Important Contact Numbers  Crime Prevention-Disabilities 

What is Suspicious  Domestic Violence 
Use Common Sense  Domestic Violence 
Information the Police Will Need   
Open Carry Laws in Virginia
Grocery Cart Theft