Support Services Division

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Support Services Division

The mission of the Support Services Division (SSD) is to provide outstanding administrative support to all divisions of the Alexandria Police Department by ensuring the accurate storage of evidentiary items, providing the best uniforms and equipment to staff, confirming all policies and directives are in accordance with the Department’s mission while complying with CALEA standards and all state and federal laws, and providing employees and visitors with a safe and clean environment.

The vision of the Support Services Division (SSD) is to continue to invest time and money in its employees to ensure they are properly trained and motivated to continue delivering exceptional service to Department staff and the Alexandria community. The division will continue to encourage creative problem solving and will research and implement technology and equipment that will assist SSD staff in its daily operations.

For more information on the Support Services Division and its annual goals, please see our  Strategic Plan.

Captain Monica Lisle, Commander

Facilities & Security Management Section

Roberto Polverino, Supervisor

The Facilities & Security Management Section (FSMS) provides facility maintenance and security/surveillance support to the APD Headquarters, Range, and K9 facilities.  FSMS has a mostly civilian staff that is responsible for the department's facilities maintenance, security management and capital projects.

Audits, Accreditation and Directives Section

Alfreda Jackson, Accreditation Manager II

The Audits, Accreditation and Directives Section (AAD) has the responsibility of assisting the Chief of Police and the command staff in researching and formulating Department policies and procedures and implementing them by means of the written directives system; oversees forms design and control; performs duties necessary to ensure compliance with accreditation standards and serves as the Department's accreditation manager; provides planning and research assistance to all components of the Department.  The reorganization within the agency and migration to the recently published CALEA 6th Edition Standards manual will require a complete revision of the 162 policies within the Police Directive Manual. Maintaining re-accreditation assessment preparedness is an on-going process that demands constant oversight. 

Property & Evidence Section

Sergeant Bobby Taylor, Supervisor

The Property and Evidence Section (PES) has the responsibility of securing and storing all property and evidence that comes into the Department’s possession. It also has the responsibility of purchasing, managing and issuing all Department uniforms and equipment.

Fleet Management Unit

Sergeant Mitch Grossman, Supervisor

The Fleet Management Unit is responsible for ensuring the readiness of all departmental vehicles, which includes purchase orders, repairs, tracking maintenance schedules and operating costs.  The unit also provides administrative and planning support activities including: locating vendors, researching vehicle type options, energy efficient options, etc.