Alexandria Police Department Celebrates 150 Years of Service

The year 2020 marks 150 years since the Alexandria Police Department was formally organized, and APD will be commemorating this milestone throughout 2020.

Page updated on Jan 17, 2020 at 3:10 PM

APD plans to recognize its historic anniversary in several ways including special programs and tributes, issuance of official anniversary badges, promotion of historic facts through social media, and a large public event in July to mark the actual anniversary of the department’s founding on July 15, 1870.

Event details will be posted online and through social media as plans are finalized.

At the City Council Legislative Meeting on January 14, the Mayor and City Council presented a proclamation honoring APD's 150th anniversary.

APD 150th Proclamation

When an act by Alexandria’s Board of Alderman and Common Council officially authorized the Alexandria Police Department in 1870, it also clearly specified the badge symbolizing the officers’ authority. The act stated that each “policeman and officer shall wear a badge in the form of a star, made of block tin, not less than two and a half inches in diameter, and numbered in the centre, which said badges shall be furnished at the cost of the city, and be delivered up by all persons using the same when their official connection with the police force cease.”

This original design is the inspiration for the commemorative badge, which Chief Michael L. Brown has authorized officers to wear from January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020. In addition, during July 2020, officers will be permitted to wear a different badge which has the date July 15, 1870. Both designs appear below.

APD 150th Badges