Service Updates Due to COVID-19

Page updated on Mar 30, 2021 at 2:20 PM

Service Updates Due to COVID-19

Due to evolving concerns related to COVID-19, The Alexandria Police Department will be modifying our public services and programs to reduce exposures and inherent risks.  

Property Section

The Alexandria Police Department announces that its Property Section is closing its public service window to walk-up customers.  Any person who needs to recover their item(s) must first call the Property Section at 703-746-6709 to arrange the return.  Returns will be based on staff availability and will not be able to be accomplished same-day.  Due to the variety of items that could be involved, we cannot provide a schedule or expected timeline.  Persons recovering items can expect their appointments to be within a few days to several weeks from the date of first call, depending on demand, the nature of the item(s), and staffing.  This does not affect towed vehicle recoveries.

Hack Inspectors Office

The Alexandria Police Department’s Hack Inspectors Office will be providing in-person services at 2003 Mill Road by appointment only.

Beginning Monday, March 23, 2020 the following procedures will be in place for Vehicle Inspections and Driver Permit renewal services:

  1. Park outside the Sheriff’s Office facility and call the Hack Office directly at 703-746-6240.
  2. Vehicle Inspections- you will wait inside your vehicle for the inspector to respond to your location as usual.
  3. Driver Permit- After speaking with you over the phone an Inspector will advise you when to enter the office. 
    1. Proceed to the Sheriff’s Office visitor entrance and advise the deputy that you have spoken to the Hack Inspector and have an appointment.
    2. In addition to the normal entry procedures the Sheriff’s Office staff may take your temperature and ask other health related questions for screening.
    3. After being cleared by the Sheriff’s staff for entry onto the property respond directly to the Hack Office and check in. 

On March 26, 2020, the City Manager approved a 90-day extension of any expired licenses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Conditions for the Taxi Industry have not improved since the start of the pandemic, and the practical barriers to obtaining their documentation required for a license renewal remain. On June 2, 2020,  a second 90-day license extension for City of Alexandria permitted taxi drivers was approved by the City Manager. This extension will apply to the Vehicle and Driver Permit as defined in the Code of Alexandria, Chapter 12. Only permits/licenses expiring between February through September 2020 will be authorized by this extension.

Information Services Section Closure

 The Alexandria Police Department's Information Services Section will not be providing in-person services at 3600 Wheeler Avenue, starting Monday, March 23, 2020 until further notice.  In-person services typically provided by this Section include requests for background checks, copies of crash reports, and insurance verifications.  To continue to meet these needs please use the following alternatives to obtain services. 

Alternate means to obtain services:

  • Background Check
    • Visit VA State Police Website
    • VA State Police fee is $15
    • The form must be Notarized   – can be done electronically on website for a $15 fee
      • The form can be printed and notarized at an alternate location and then be sent in by mail
  • CRASH Reports (Can be obtained from the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or
    • Visit
    • DMV fee is $8
    • Requests may be submitted either:
      • By mail:
        • Customer Records Work Center, Room 514
          Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
          Post Office Box 27412
          Richmond, VA 23269
      • By fax at 804-367-0390
        • Requires a completed License, ID Card and Records Payment Authorization form
    • Visit
    • Crashdocs fee is $5
    • The reported can be viewed and printed after the online payment is successful
      • There is also an option to contact the company if anyone encounters problems by selecting the "Contact Us" tab and filling in the required information
  • Insurance Verification 
    • Mail request to:
      • Alexandria Police Department
        Attn:  Records Section
        3600 Wheeler Ave
        Alexandria, VA 22304
    • Request must include a self-addressed stamped envelope and a check or money order in the amount of $10 should be made payable to the City of Alexandria
  • Outside Law Enforcement Agency Background Checks
    • You can send your requests by fax to 703-746-1936.
      • The fax request must be on official agency letter head and contain a signed release form
      • The completed background check will be mailed to you
  • Contractors Representing Outside Law Enforcement Agency Background Checks
    • You can mail your requests to:
      • Alexandria Police Department
        Attn: Records Section
        3600 Wheeler Ave
        Alexandria, VA 22304
    • A letter requesting a background check needs to be accompanied by a signed release form
      • These checks will only be conducted for individuals that have a valid City of Alexandria address
    • The request will also need to contain a self-addressed envelope and a check or money order for $10 made payable to the City of Alexandria
      • The $10 fee does not apply to deputized representatives from the Secret Service, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) or Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS)

Contact Numbers:

Police Department non-emergency:                               703-746-4444
Information Services Section main number:                   703-746-6200

Fingerprinting and Child Seat Installation Services are currently suspended until further notice.